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French nuclear reactor reaches 1 petawatt-hour generation landmark

The six-unit Gravelines nuclear power plant near Dunkerque in northern France has become the first nuclear plant in the world to deliver 1000bn kWh, or 1 petawatt-hour (PWh) of electricity.
EDF recently announced that on the 27 August 2010 the Gravelines nuclear power plant had delivered its 1000 billionth kWh of electricity, according to World Nuclear News. It is the first nuclear power site to generate this historic figure, which is equal to twice the annual consumption of the whole of France.
All six units of the Gravelines plant were commissioned between 1980 and 1984.
To place one PWh in context with other sources, it is roughly equal to the amount of electricity obtained from burning either 350m tonnes of coal, 220m tonnes of oil or 60bn cubic metres of gas. Alternatively, it is the same as what could potentially be generated by 200 000, 2 MW wind turbines operating over the same 30-year period.