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Hawaii ash system

Jervis B. Webb Co, a unit of Daifuku Co. Ltd., signed a contract with Covanta Energy Corp. to design, engineer and manufacture an ash handling system in Hawaii. Webb is expected to work with Burns and Roe, and work is scheduled to begin in March 2011.

The system is designed to move both bottom ash and fly ash to trailer loading shuttle conveyors. The bottom ash system includes vibrating conveyors with scalping capabilities, belt conveyors, a drum magnet for removing ferrous metals and an eddy current separator for removing non-ferrous metals. The fly ash system includes an inclined drag chain conveyor that leads to a silo, a vibrating discharger, screw conveyors, pug mill mixers and an agglomerating trammel for mixing fly ash and bottom ash prior to transporting to trailer loading.

The project is a result of an expansion by Covanta and also includes a new building that will house the ash handling system.

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