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Mitsubishi completes delivery of two steam generators for US nuclear plant

4 October 2010 – Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has completed delivery of two replacement steam generators for the San Onofre nuclear power plant (SONGS) of Southern California Edison (SCE) in the US.

The steam generators, delivered for Unit 3, are among the world’s largest, each measuring nearly seven metres (22 feet) in outer diameter and weighing 580 metric tonnes (641 short tons). Installation is slated to take place during a maintenance and refueling outage scheduled this autumn.

Earlier, in February 2009, MHI delivered two replacement steam generators for SONGS Unit 2. The four units delivered to SONGS bring to six the total number of such deliveries by MHI to US utility customers.

SONGS is located in northern San Diego County, approximately 100 kilometres (60 miles) southeast of Los Angeles. Unit 3 is a 1100 MW pressurized water reactor that went into operation in 1984. As part of SCE’s plans to replace the unit’s original steam generators , MHI received the order in September 2004 and began manufacturing the 20 metres long units, each housing some 10 000 heat transfer tubes, at its Kobe Shipyard & Machinery Works.