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Issue 10 and Volume 114.

Sealed Pushbutton Switches


APEM Components Inc. has expanded its line of IPP sealed pushbutton switches with the addition of a flat top plunger switch series. This product, the IPP Series, allows for customization to help match the switch to unique applications. Customization options include customer specific markings, backlit legends, custom molded caps and wire assemblies. The IPP Series is recommended for any application that requires a sealed, ergonomic electrical interface. IPP pushbutton switches are available in momentary and maintained functions. The switch is offered with a black bezel frame and 7 actuator color choices satisfying coding requirements. The switch’s elastomeric seal construction ensures a reliable seal. APEM’s IPP series pushbutton switches are rated for 100mA at 24 VDC with an expected life of 200,000 cycles, and 2A at 125 VAC with an expected life of 10,000 cycles per UL 1054. The IPP is manufactured with gold plated silver contacts and are available pre-wired or with solder lug terminals.

APEM Components Inc. 


Valvcon brand V-Series actuators from Metso Automation combine a 10-bit microprocessor with a high-resolution feedback potentiometer to provide two times better positioning resolution than previous models. These quarter-turn actuators provide 300 positions from zero to 90 degrees. The V-Series consists of (NEMA 4, 4X, 7 and 9) electric actuators that deliver operation in most quarter-turn valve and damper applications. Features include all hardened steel gears and standard ISO5211 mounting interfaces, full access to cams and switches, continuous or 75 percent duty cycle, fuse protection for inputs and outputs, thermal overload protection and manual override. The plug-in control board option for modulating applications incorporates pushbutton setup, auto-calibration, selectable input control signal, position feedback signal and signal fail position selection. Other standard features include local pushbutton control, adjustable dead band, adjustable speed control and locked output stall protection. The V-Series can be set for reverse acting and split ranging control without any wiring changes. This product has CSA certification for valve and damper service up to 3,000 inch-pounds of torque.

Metso Automation — Valvcon Brand

Tower Data Management Services

WindLogics has announced the expansion of its Viewpoint wind resource assessment offerings to include met tower data management services. The company uses a screening, filtering, review and reporting process to deliver real-time data that have been subjected to both automated screening and meteorologist review. During this process, WindLogics scientists employ filtering criteria to qualify data as appropriate for specified end uses, such as preliminary site assessment or wind forecasting. Following this review, customers receive real-time access to tower data for viewing and analysis.



Electromagnetic Flow Meters

Flow Technology Inc. has announced the Extended Linearity (EL) 2200 Series of electromagnetic flow meters. These meters are available in line sizes from 1-16 inches and create an electromagnetic field profile that ensures accuracy in turbulent, transitional and laminar flow regimes. This product provides extended linearity and a measurement range of up to 1000:1 without the aid of linearization software. The EL 2200 also has a bi-directional flow capability with no moving parts and no pressure drop. It uses a 304 stainless steel flow tube with carbon or stainless flanges, as well as a sealed electrode and coil assembly. Two Hastelloy C 22 electrodes are used to generate the magnetic field, with a third electrode dedicated for ground. The meter’s standard liner material is PTFE for one- to six-inch meter sizes and Ebonite for sizes larger than six inches. Flange and sensor exterior surfaces are coated with acrylic paint. Electronics available for the EL 2200 Series electromagnetic flow meters consist of a base transmitter with optional panel mounted display, as well as a multiple output converter with integral display. Electronics can be mounted remotely or directly onto the flow meter.

Flow Technology Inc. 

Pulse Pump

CAT PUMPS introduces the 6350 Pulse Pump, which permits chemical application at system pressures up to 3000 PSI. This product, composed of stainless steel, mounts onto the pump head in the center inlet valve port of a high-pressure pump. Several adapters fit the Pulse Pump to high pressure pump models–including the 3FR and 3CP, 5FR and 5CP, 7FR and 7CP and 15 FR pumps. This product is mounted onto the center inlet port of the high-pressure pump and is activated with each stroke of the primary pump. The inlet line to the Pulse Pump contains a prime bulb to start the chemical draw into the pump. The chemical exits the pump through the high-pressure line and is delivered into the high-pressure discharge line of the primary pump after the Pressure Unloader Valve. The high-pressure pump sees no chemical.


Particle Reduction Equipment

Modern Process Equipment Inc. (MPE) has launched the new ultra-hard, ultra wear-resistant Gran-U-Lizer. This product minimizes roll wear and allows for the grinding of ultra-hard materials such as silicon, coal slag and other highly abrasive materials. It has low energy usage and minimal impact speeds, thereby minimizing roll wear upon contact with the material. MPE has also introduced new alloys with high wear resistances when utilized on the product contact surfaces of the equipment. This increases wear life 30 times when compared to hardened steel alloys.

Modern Process Equipment Inc.

Basket Strainers

Eaton Model 72 Simplex Basket Strainers offer protection for piping system components like pumps, instrumentation, spray nozzles and condensers. They remove damage-causing material from the liquid process flow and feature a large strainer basket capacity. The free straining area is at least 6 times the cross section of the pipe area, helping to reduce the initial pressure drop across the strainer. Strainer baskets are available in stainless steel, brass or almost any alloy the application requires. Basket openings range from one-half inch all the way down to 40 microns. For cleaning, no tools are needed to open the cover and access the strainer basket. The swing yoke cover can be disassembled, and the basket removed in seconds. On sizes 4 inches and larger, a special cover clamp is provided to distribute the seating pressure and ensure positive seating of the cover. Model 72 Simplex Strainers are available in iron, bronze, carbon steel or stainless steel, with threaded or flanged piping connections. The strainers are rated to 200 psi at 100 degrees F and are available with Buna N or Viton seals.


Armored Tubular Level Gauge

Papailias Inc. has introduced the LG2-V Series Armored Tubular Level Gauge, a product designed to simplify installation and eliminate problems associated with gauge glasses. This gauge incorporates floating misalignment unions, which will allow process connection centerline to vary +/- ¼ inch. The LG2-V also has integral offset pattern valves with ball check shutoffs to protect tank inventory. The tubular sightglass allows for easy viewing of liquid level and the rugged armored gauge construction protects the sightglass from mechanical impact. The armored frame and polycarbonate shield protect the operator. The casting design of the LG2-V includes all necessary mounting components up to processing connection. One-half inch vent and drain connections are inline for routine sightglass maintenance. An additional ¼-inch port is available for optional mounting of other instrumentation for level gauge monitoring. Custom scales for tank volume or other calibrations are also available.

Papailias Inc. 

Long-Range DTS Solutions

SensorTran Inc. has announced the availability of its DTS 5100-M15 and the DTS 5100-M18 long-range products. These products obtain accurate temperature measurements of their critical assets at distances of either 15 or 18 kilometers. Each product includes an Ethernet-ready computer that is pre-loaded with DTS software to simplify management of the system. Standard and optional modules include autonomous data collection and storage; multiple zones and alarms; flexible data, alarm and remote control/access communications; self-diagnostics, auto start and safe shut-down; intuitive calibration, configuration and operation; application-specific graphical data visualization and user-interfaces; and fast installation with modular cabinet packages including power back-up, displays and keyboards. SensorTran’s DTS 5100 family of products has a high signal-to-noise ratio. One DTS 5100 can provide the same monitoring coverage of several less efficient DTS units with better system measurement time.

SensorTran Inc.

Optical Scanning System

NVision Inc. has introduced the MAXOS optical scanning system. The MAXOS scanner uses a non-contact probe consisting of a point of white light that allows the collection of individual points at a rate of 70 per second. Like a touch probe CMM, this product collects individual points; unlike a conventional CMM, it continues on its path at a high speed without pausing. Because the MAXOS scanner measures with a single white light point, the cause of inaccuracy and approximation inherent in 3D measurement with a ball probe is eliminated. This product has an accuracy of +/- 2 µm on matte surfaces and +/- 10 µm on polished metal. It can achieve a point spacing resolution of 0.2 µm without pausing. Additionally, since it has no ball probe and measures a single point at a time, it is not limited by ball-offset geometry and can inspect radii of less than 0.2 millimeters.

NVision Inc.



Software Application

Leica Geosystems introduces CloudWorx 3.3 for AutoCAD. This product allows designers and engineers to visualize and work with 3D point cloud data created by 3D laser scanning systems such as High-Definition Surveying (HDS) directly within AutoCAD. A new flange point selection tool enables the precise definition of critical “tie-in” points and a new enhanced “point density display control” capability speeds office productivity. Leica CloudWorx 3.3 for AutoCAD is available with new licensing options that enable organizations to deploy laser scanning across their enterprise.

Leica Geosystems Inc. 

Spatial Data Capture Tool

Leica Geosystems and COADE Inc. have introduced the CADWorx fieldPipe, a spatial data capture tool that works within Leica fieldPro, a field-based plug-in to CAD products, to interface with total stations in the field. This product gathers 3D plant piping geometry information in real-time for use in CADWorx Plant Professional. The CADWorx option, supplied by COADE Inc., represents a full license of CADWorx Plant Professional–which includes piping, steel, HVAC, cable trays, automatic isometrics, bill of material and bi-directional links-to-stress analysis. The CADWorx fieldPipe for Leica fieldPro option, as well as the fieldPipe standalone option, have been enhanced with additions, such as Pipe Orthogonization.

Leica Geosystems/COADE Inc.

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