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EDF brings UK’s Sizewell B nuclear site back online

30 September 2010 – EDF Energy’s Sizewell B nuclear power plant in the UK is back online bring after the utility took the Suffolk power station offline in March following the failure of some heaters in the pressurizer.
Using bespoke designed equipment, video footage was taken of the pressurizer which enabled engineers to examine it in the smallest detail.  A repair strategy was then tested on a 16 metres x 2 ½ metres replica of the equipment before being successfully completed on the pressurizer.
Jim Crawford, Sizewell B Station Director said: “Working within the EDF family of companies we have been able to draw on international expertise throughout this project.
“This has given us access to industry experts who, working closely with our local team, have been instrumental in bringing Sizewell B back to service.”
The work carried out on repairs has been regularly monitored by the industry regulator the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate (NII), part of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).