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China’s Ling Ao Unit 3 nuclear power plant enters commercial operation

27 September 2010 – The first unit of Ling Ao phase II (Unit 3) nuclear power plant entered commercial operation in China on September 20, 2010.
This unit will supply electricity to the Guangdong province. The plant was synchronized to the grid in July this year and the output of the turbine generator has progressively increased since then. Construction of the plant began in 2005 and the first unit has entered operation earlier than scheduled.
The turbine generator package of the plant has been constructed by the global power generation company, Alstom in partnership with China’s Dongfang Electric Corporation, Ldt (DECL) for China Nuclear Power Engineering Co. (CNPEC).
Work on the second unit of phase II (unit 4) is in full swing and the unit is expected to enter commercial operation in 2011. Once operational, Ling Ao phase II (2 x 1080 MW) will become the largest nuclear power plant in the important Guangdong province. The other plants in the province, Ling Ao phase I (units 1 & 2) and Daya Bay (units 1 & 2) are also based on Alstom technology.
“The successful start-up of Ling Ao unit 3 represents another milestone for the solid partnership between DECL and Alstom, and further confirms Alstom’s position as the best supplier choice in the Chinese nuclear equipment market,” says Richard Yeung, Head of Power, Alstom Power China.
The Ling Ao phase II plant is based on Alstom’s ARABELLE half-speed steam turbine and is the first project in China to apply the technology with the CPR 1000 reactor. The ARABELLE technology is suitable for all reactor types and is renowned globally as providing higher efficiency and reduced installation and maintenance costs.
This makes it highly suitable for plants such as Ling Ao II which require high availability and maintainability of the turbine island to suit the short refuelling cycle. Alstom is also implementing this technology at HongYanHe and Ningde, Fuqing and Fangjiashan (current CPR 1000 projects) and Taishan, China’s first EPR project.
The successful steam turbine technology is coupled with the GIGATOP 4 pole turbogenerator, Moisture Separator Reheater (MSR), the Condenser and the Low Pressure (LP) heater, all designed by Alstom and supplied in partnership with DECL.