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Ultrasupercritical steam turbine order for Mitsubishi, Marubeni in South Korea

8 September 2010 – Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) and Marubeni have jointly received an order for two sets of a steam turbine and generator of 1000 MW each, for ultrasupercritical (USC) coal fired power generation units by Korea East-West Power (EWP).
The two turbine/generator sets will be installed in the Unit 9 and 10 power plants under construction at EWP’s existing Dangjin Coal Fired Power Complex and will serve to meet increasing electricity demand associated with the country’s economic growth. Delivery of the turbines and generators is slated to begin in 2013.
MHI and Marubeni participated in the bidding process as a consortium. MHI will take charge of supplying the turbine/generator sets and Marubeni will be responsible for their transport and for provision of auxiliary equipment.
MHI will manufacture the turbines in-house while Mitsubishi Electric Corporation will provide the generators. MHI and Marubeni believe that the high evaluation accorded by EWP to the reliability and economic efficiency of MHI’s large-size turbine, in which today’s most advanced technologies have been incorporated, coupled with the two companies’ abundant delivery track record, resulted in winning of the order.
The Dangjin Coal Fired Power Complex is located approximately 70 km southwest of Seoul. Units 9 and 10 under construction represent Korea’s first 1000 MW USC power generation systems and the country’s largest coal fired power plants ever built.