Coal, Nuclear


19 August 2010 — Retail sales of electricity in the U.S. during June rose 8.0 percent compared to June 2009, according to data from the Energy Information Administration.

Total U.S. electric power generation rose 7.9 percent compared to June 2009. Over the same period, coal generation rose12.2 percent. Natural gas generation was up 8.7 percent. Petroleum liquids generation increased 20.1 percent as a result of a much warmer June 2010 leading to an increased need for peaking generation. Nuclear generation fell 2.1 percent compared to June 2009 mainly because of refueling outages at the Davis Besse, Crystal River and H B Robinson nuclear plants.

EIA said that consistent with the year-over-year rise in coal generation, coal consumption increased10.8 percent when compared to June 2009. Petroleum liquids consumption increased 19.7 percent. And natural gas consumption increased 9.5 percent.

In June 2010, total coal stocks fell 5.9 percent from the previous month. EIA said the month-to-month change in total coal stocks over the first half of 2010 is an indication that electric power sector coal stocks are assuming a seasonal pattern that more closely resembles what was seen prior to 2009.

The average U.S. retail price of electricity remained relatively unchanged. For the 12-month period ending June 2010, the U.S. average retail price fell by 1.9 percent over the previous 12-month period ending June 2009.

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