European Marine Energy Centre tidal power site powered up by Global Marine Systems

2 August 2010 – Global Marine Systems (GMS) has successfully completed the direct shore-end landing and lay of two new power cables at the European Marine Energy Centre’s (EMEC) tidal test site at Eday, Orkney Islands and one new power cable at EMEC’s wave test site at Billia Croo, Orkney Islands, UK.
The cable laying vessel, CS Sovereign continues working at the EMEC site on a programme of cable refurbishment and ROV survey work.
“The CS Sovereign has been conducting ground-breaking work for EMEC and for the first time in their history, a dedicated DP2 cable ship has installed a submarine cable at the EMEC’s wave and tidal sites” said Kevin Todd, sales manager, Global Marine Energy.
“The installation of submarine cables in very fast currents and variable tidal conditions is very sophisticated and demanding work, which demands exacting vessel requirements and expertise. The CS Sovereign’s Officers and Crew have showed extreme professionalism, perseverance and immense ability in installing these cables in the most of demanding environments. These cable installations by the CS Sovereign are an example of how GMS is looking to the future renewable energy markets such as wave and tidal and helping the UK to meets its CO2 targets.”
“The addition of three new cables reflects a growing demand for berths at our test sites from the developers of wave and tidal energy devices,” said Neil Kermode, EMEC managing director.
The first new cable will be used by Atlantis Resources for their tidal turbine later in the year and the second new cable will be used for Voith Hydro Ocean Current Technologies in advance of their turbine installation next year. EMEC operations director Stuart Baird comments “I have been impressed with GMS’ professionalism and adaptability when working in this extremely challenging environment.”
The 130-metre vessel is continuing to work on fitting new cable ends to existing cables at the wave and tidal test sites following which the CS Sovereign will be conducting ROV surveys at various EMEC sites. The cable work has been sponsored by the Department of Energy & Climate Change as part of its work to enable the development of the marine renewables industry.