SCR at TECO plant

2 June 2010– Tampa Electric completed installing the fourth and final selective catalyst reduction system at the company’s Big Bend Power Station Unit 1. Unit 4’s SCR system was completed in 2007, Unit 3 in 2008 and Unit 2 in 2009. The project was installed while Big Bend’s other units continued to operate.

The 10-year, $1.2 billion SCR project was part of an agreement in 1999 with the Environmental Protection Agency and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to reduce emissions at the company’s plants. As part of the program, the company repowered the nearly 50-year-old coal-fired Gannon Power Station to natural gas in 2003 and 2004, creating the H.L. Culbreath Bayside Power Station.

Completion of the 10-year program is expected to reduce sulfur dioxide by 88 percent, nitrogen oxide by 90 percent and particulate matter emissions by 71 percent below 1998 levels. Tampa Electric said it has reduced overall mercury emissions by more than 75 percent and carbon dioxide by 25 percent since 1998.

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