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Russia offers Poland stake in Baltic nuclear plant

25 May 2010 – Russia wants Poland to participate in the construction of the Baltic nuclear power station in the Kaliningrad Oblast corridor.
The nuclear power plant in the Kaliningrad Oblast, near the Polish-Russian border, is scheduled to be completed in 2016. The cost of the power plant is expected to amount to EUR6bn ($7.32bn) and will produce enough energy for the Russian enclave. Excess power will be exported into EU member states, potentially Lithuania, Poland and Germany. 
During a meeting of the Polish-Russian commission on economic cooperation, Moscow offered Poland a part of the 49 per cent stake in the plant which will be open to private investors. The Baltic Power Plant will remain Russian state-owned, however.
“Russia invited Poland to take part in the construction of the Baltic Power Plant and then […] sell the energy on to European markets,” Grabarczyk said during a press briefing in Moscow. The Russian Kommersant newspaper writes that Poland was offered direct participataion in the construction of the power station – located 13 kilometers east from the town of Neman – or to build a power-line which would connect the plant to Poland’s electricity grid.
“Experts think that the Russian offer could be interesting for Poland but in order to take a decision the government will have to get a permit from the EU,” writes Kommersant. 
“At the moment we are checking if PSE [a Polish state-owned transmission system operator] would be interested in building a power-bridge between Kaliningrad and Poland. The result will be announced at the end of the year,” said Infrastructure Minister Cezary Grabarczyk.
Russia began building the project in February this year in an attempt to end the import of energy into the Russian exclave. It will have a capacity to produce 300 MW.