Nuclear, Waste Management & Decommissioning

RWE buys residual generation quota from Stade nuclear power station

10 May 2010 – German utility RWE has purchased the remaining power generation quota of 4.8 TWh from the decommissioned Stade nuclear power station in Northern Germany from E.ON Kernkraft GmbH.
The Stade nuclear power station was commissioned in 1972 and produced electricity until 2003. The purchased quota is sufficient to run a 1200 MW nuclear power station such as the Biblis A reactor at full capacity for around six months.
RWE purchased the electricity quota in order to increase the remaining quantity of electricity that can be generated by the Biblis A nuclear power station according to the current Atomic Energy Act.
Germany’s current nuclear phase-out scheme means the last nuclear plant will be shut off in 2022.
In March, however, environment minister Norbert Roettgen confirmed the German government was willing to consider extending the gradual closure of nuclear power plants by up to 28 years.
A 28-year extension would see the last nuclear power plant shutdown in 2050.
Roettgen stressed that “no preliminary decision has yet been made” and that the government was simply considering all its options.
The scenarios of extending the phase-out by four, 12, 20 and 28 years are now under consideration.