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Siemens secures 4 x 250 MW gas turbine order in China

15 April 2010 – Siemens has received an order to supply key components for four 250 MW combined-cycle units at the Ningxia East thermal power plant in China.
The company also signed a major service agreement, under the terms of which it will provide long-term maintenance to Ningxia East Thermal Power. This is the largest local service order secured by Siemens Energy in China to date. Plant construction is scheduled to commence in August 2010 and be completed by 2012.
“With this order we are further expanding our position in this attractive power plant market while making an important contribution toward ecofriendly power supply in the region,” said Yao Zhenguo, General Manager of the Energy Fossil Division and Senior Vice President of Siemens Limited China, at the signing ceremony held in Yinchuan today.
Under the terms of the contract Shanghai Electric Power Generation (SEPG) and Siemens will cooperate to supply the gas turbines for the four 250 MW combined-cycle units operated by Ningxia East Thermal Power. In this project Siemens Energy will act as SEPG’s subcontractor and supply key components for the four SGT5-2000E gas turbines.
The maintenance agreement signed by Siemens and Ningxia East Thermal Power aims to ensure long-term operational reliability and provide additional technical and financial benefits to the plant owner, including predictable maintenance costs and extended warranties.
Under the terms of this long-term agreement Siemens will provide spare parts and maintenance services for four Siemens SGT5-2000E gas turbines to be installed in the Ningxia East thermal power plant. The term of the agreement is approximately ten years.
Ningxia East thermal power plant, which is located in the city of Yinchuan, the capital of the Ningxia autonomous region, is jointly owned by Ningxia Hanas Natural Gas Thermal Power and Ningxia Master Investment. The total investment is approximately RMB3.8bn ($556m).