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UK’s largest supermarket chain Tesco launches solar electricity service

7 April 2010 – Tesco, the largest supermarket chain in the UK, has launched a solar electricity service to allow customers to generate their own electricity, following the national launch of feed-in tariffs (FiT) for rooftop installations.
Tesco Renewable Energy will offer fully installed solar PV electricity systems from GBP6999 ($10 640), which it claims is an average GBP2000 less than the nearest competitor, reports New Energy Focus.
According to the retailer, the average system will pay for itself and the average customer can expect to make GBP939 a year under the government’s new FiT scheme, which pays small-scale renewable generators a set tariff for electricity produced and used on-site and any surplus sent to the National Grid.
Under the FiT scheme, degression will come into play from 2012, meaning support levels will decrease in line with expected technology cost reductions.
Tesco’s solar electricity service will be backed by a 10-year guarantee and, according to the retailer, price comparisons show that the Tesco equivalent of a GBP11 999 Sainsbury’s 2.08 kW system would cost GBP9999.
The service will include a home assessment, assistance with grant applications and cash back claims, a UK manufactured solar panel and an in-home display of savings and electricity generated, among other measures.