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Frazer-Nash awarded contract to advise UK safety executive on nuclear reactors

10 February 2010 – Engineering consultancy Frazer-Nash has been awarded a further contract worth GBP1.8m ($2.8m) to provide independent advice to the UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE), in its review of safety aspects of designs for a new generation of nuclear reactors.
The HSE’s Nuclear Directorate (ND), working with the Environment Agency, is currently completing a Generic Design Assessment (GDA) for new nuclear power stations in the UK. As part of the GDA, two different reactor types – the EPR designed by Areva, and the AP1000 designed by Westinghouse – are currently being assessed for their suitability to meet UK regulatory standards.
Frazer-Nash, working with partner Altran Praxis, will be supporting Step 4 of the GDA programme – ‘Assessment for Design Acceptance’ – which will see the companies independently examine the safety case evidence. As part of the contract the partners will carry out an in-depth review of design and safety-case documentation, which the regulators will use to inform their decision on whether or not the proposed nuclear power station designs are likely to meet the UK’s regulatory requirements.
The award of the contract follows Frazer-Nash and Altran Praxis’ successful completion of assessment work during GDA Step 3. The contract focused on providing technical support covering the control and instrumentation aspects of the reactor designs, including the reactor protection systems.
The HSE ND is expecting to produce its Step 4 reports in June 2011.