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Brazil’s Eletronuclear closes in on announcing nuclear plant sites

5 February 2010 – Brazil’s federal nuclear power company Eletronuclear is nearly finished with a technical analysis needed for the announcement of the sites to host the country’s new nuclear plants, a spokesperson for the company told BNamericas.
“Eletronuclear is studying all technical aspects of the regions where two new plants will be built. Assessments are near completion, but we cannot predict when the government will announce it,” the spokesperson said.
Brazil’s mines and energy ministry has said that two new 1 GW nuclear plants will be installed in the country’s northeastern region. According to a ministry statement, the states of Pernambuco, Alagoas, Sergipe and Bahia are being considered. The plants are due to be built by 2025.
“Eletronuclear is taking care of the technical aspects of the site selection. The government will then take into consideration the political aspects,” the spokesperson added.
Brazil currently has two nuclear plants, the 657 MW Angra I facility and 1.35 GW Angra II plant, both located in the municipality of Angra dos Reis in the southeastern state of Rio de Janeiro. The Brazilian government is investing 8.3bn reais ($4.5bn) in the construction of the country’s third nuclear plant, the 1.35GW Angra III complex.
Angra III is scheduled to come online in 2015. The plant will be located at the same site where Angra I and Angra II are.