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Turkey’s Zorlu Energy to build pilot coal gasification power plant

3 February 2010 – Zorlu Energy is involved in a project to build a pilot power plant based on coal gasification technology in Turkey.
This project is an important step for the environment-friendly usage of domestic coal sources, said Gökmen Topuz, assistant general manager of investments department at Zorlu Energy. This pilot facility will be a model for future projects aimed at eliminating coal’s environment damages and using energy more efficiently, Topuz said.
The 2 MW plant, the construction of which will launch at the end of this year, is expected to start operating by the end of 2011.
The Technology and Innovation Funding Programs Directorate, or TEYDEB, under the umbrella of the Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey, or TUBITAK, will provide funding to Zorlu Energy Electricity Generation of 1.5m Turkish Liras ($1m). The support will be interest-free for the research and development, or R&D, studies, as the plant is expected to cost around 9m liras total, according to the statement by Zorlu.
A team of 24 people, including 15 from TUBITAK’s Marmara Research Center, and nine from Zorlu Energy, will conduct the studies at the 2 MW plant.