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VT Group secures nuclear reactor parts deal from British Energy

16 November 2009 – VT Group has made its first foray into the sector of manufacturing parts for nuclear reactors by winning an order from British Energy to supply high integrity new reactor bio-thermal assemblies for the Dungeness power station.

The contract represents a significant expansion of VT’s nuclear manufacturing capabilities, which have previously focused mainly on Intermediate Level Waste containers. VT will manufacture the biothermal units, which are used specifically for Advanced Gas-Cooled Reactors, at its facility near Chester over a period to summer 2010.

The units are critical items for British Energy as they are essential to ensuring continued operation of its Dungeness B facility.

VT Group Environment Managing Director John Chubb explained: “This contract demonstrates the confidence that British Energy have in our capabilities by entrusting us to support them with business critical work. Our nuclear fabrication and welding facility has demonstrated the highest quality standards demanded by the nuclear sector

“The replacement of the Bio-Thermal assemblies is a key element in ensuring that Dungeness B can continue to operate for many years to come. This work clearly demonstrates our capability to be a valued, high quality contributor in the UK new build programme.”