U.S. could develop 900,000 MW of offshore wind: Report

11 November 2009– The U.S. Offshore Wind Collaborative (USOWC) released its study “U.S /wind/PathForward.pdf> . Offshore Wind Energy: A Path Forward” in late October. Citing a DOE finding that the United States has the potential to develop 900,000 MW of electricity from offshore wind resources, the report recommends several steps necessary to develop the projects.

Some of the recommendations are:

  • Better collaboration among government entities, universities, businesses, and stakeholders in wind development;

  • Creating an informative Web site;

  • Holding meeting between states with a common interest in offshore wind, as well as between the United States and its European counterparts, and

  • Building trust between the public and investors about offshore wind potential.

  • Current efforts to develop offshore wind power in the United States include the planned 468 MW Cape Wind project near Cape Cod, a 200 MW offshore wind project in Delaware through Delmarva Power & Light and a project from Duke Energy and the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill for three planned demonstration turbines off the coast of North Carolina.

    In 2008, the Land Policy Institute (LPI) at Michigan State University issued an offshore wind power report finding the potential for nearly 322 GW of generation capacity off the state’s coast. The Ohio-based Great Lakes Energy Development Task Force has also issued a feasibility study for a 20 MW pilot offshore wind power project in Lake Erie near Cleveland that could cost up to $92 million. Case Western Reserve University helped to fund the report.
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