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Canada on pace for 3,000 MW of wind energy by year-end

23 September 2009– Canada is expected to have more than 3,000 MW of installed wind energy by the end of 2009, according to the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA). During its annual conference, CanWEA said the country will see 790 MW of new installed capacity for all of 2009, a record. By the end of the year, total installed capacity is expected to reach 3,159 MW with wind developments in every province for the first time ever.

Canada ranks 12th in the world for installed wind energy capacity and percentage of electricity generated from wind. The United States is first with 25,000 MW, followed by Germany with 23,900 MW and Spain at 16,700 MW.

“Canada’s wind energy industry is one step closer to reaching its goal of providing 20 percent of the country’s electricity needs by 2025,” said CanWEA President Robert Hornung.
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