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Bechtel to build 440 MW solar plant

9 September 2009– Bechtel and Brightsource are teaming up to build a 440 MW solar power station at the Ivanpah Solar Electricity Generating System in California.

Bechtel will engineer, build and finance much of the project. Construction is expected to begin in 2010 after approvals from the California Enery Commission and the Bureau of Land Management. Ivanpah is the first large-scale solar power plant to undergo regulatory review in the United States in nearly two decades.

The facility will use BrightSource’s Luz Power Tower 550 technology, which uses thousands of mirrors called heliostats to reflect sunlight, heating up water and creating steam to power the turbine in the reactor. It then uses air-cooling to convert the steam back to water in order to preserve desert water.

Brightsource has signed contracts to deliver more than 2,600 MW of power from Ivanpah to Pacific Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison.

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