Citec Engineering bags piping design deal for German coal fired plant

13 August 2009 – Kraftanlagen München GmbH, one of the leading European companies in the piping systems and plant construction sector, has placed an extensive order to Citec Engineering Oy Ab.

Including all options, the deal amounts to approximately EUR3.4m ($5.6m).

Citec Engineering will deliver the detailed piping design for intermediate and low pressure steam system to the hard coal-fired combined heat and power plant in Moorburg, Germany.

The construction and the operation of the Moorburg power plant is made by Vattenfall Europe AG, Vattenfall’s German subsidiary. The Moorburg power plant produces 1640 MW electricity and up to 800 MWe district heating, which makes it one of the largest hard coal power plants built at the moment.

In 2012, when the new power plant is put into operation, Vattenfall will provide district heating for more than 4m homes in Hamburg.

“This is a very significant deal for us”, says Martin Strand, CEO of Citec Engineering. “The work includes the design of the extraction steam system and an option for designing the district heating system. Our team is closely integrated with Kraftanlagen’s design team in Berlin with the objective to make the work as smooth and intense as possible”, says Strand.

Thanks to new technology and the high efficiency of the power plant, the Moorburg plant will help to reduce approximately 2.3m tonnes of CO2 per year, and NOx and fine particles will be reduced up to 50 per cent.