Issue 8 and Volume 113.

MTS sensors

MTS Systems Corp., Sensors Division’s Temposonics linear-position sensors provide high accuracy and rugged, reliable construction for the harsh environment of die-casting applications. The magnetostrictive sensors provide position feedback of the ram used to force metal into the mold, a function that requires a high performance sensor that combines long-term durability and repeatability. Most customers choose the MTS sensors for this application because they need a solution that offers high resolution while performing under high vibration and shock loads.

Temposonics hydraulic-style sensors are pre-configured at the factory by model code designation. For most applications, no adjustments are required for sensor installation and operation, but if sensor parameters need to be changed on-site, the sensors are easy to program using one of three options — handheld or cabinet-mounted pushbutton programmers or PC software programming kits depending on the user’s needs.

MTS Systems Corp.

UE switches

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Comprehensive product evaluations (FMEDA and SIL Verification) were recently completed by Exida Consulting comparing the One Series line of digital pressure and temperature switches from United Electric Controls (UE) with generic switches, generic transmitters and “safety” transmitters. The results revealed the One Series to be a measurably better choice for plant safety applications because of its faster response to changes, initiating immediate and critical safety shutdowns.

The One Series offers faster response: 50 ms vs. 350 ms for a smart transmitter. The product offers the ability to take action directly, in the field, at the point of critical measure, making the system less complex.

The One Series from UE is a solution for alarm and shutdown applications that demand a switch that never needs calibration, has programmable adjustability and 0.1 percent repeatability. It can be integrated into a safety instrumented system (SIS) that requires instruments with self-diagnostics and is suitable for SIL1 applications right out of the box.

United Electric Controls

Diagnostic tool

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Spectronics Corp. introduced the Spectroline Marksman ultrasonic diagnostic tool, an instrument that converts and amplifies inaudible ultrasonic sound into audible “natural” sound. Now, service technicians can easily hear sounds that signify problems such as compressed air leaks, electrical discharge, as well as vacuum, natural gas, propane, refrigerant, seal and gasket leaks. This allows technicians to repair them long before they become major headaches.

The Marksman uses a two-tiered process to ensure accurate diagnosis. First, the receiver unit converts inaudible sound into audible sound using a process known as heterodyning. Then, the receiver’s Sound Signal Technology fine-tunes the audible sound into the natural sound emitted by the defect itself. A 10-bar LED display indicates the intensity of incoming signals.

Spectronics Corp.


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Carlo Gavazzi is launching the HAA08 (2-pole) and HAA14, (4-pole) multi-function Mini-Timers. These innovative 21.5 x 28mm timers feature a 24-240VAC/DC universal power supply and are mounted in a DIN-rail adaptable blade-type relay socket. They are easy to use and provide load capability (up to 8 amps), and offer space and cost savings.

The HAA08 and HAA14 offer a solution for the majority of timing applications due to an extended time range of 100 milliseconds to 100 hours. Furthermore, they provide four functions: delay on operate, interval, symmetrical recycler “ON” first, and symmetrical recycler “OFF” first. The multi-function and universal features of these timers correlate to a significant inventory reduction. The process of selecting and setting the time range is also very easy. The HAA08 Series features 8Amp DPDT relay contacts, and the HAA14 Series features 5Amp 4PDT relay contacts.

Carlo Gavazzi

Microcor transmitter

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Rohrback Cosasco Systems introduced the Microcor Wireless Transmitter (MWT) for corrosion monitoring. The new wireless transmitter has undergone extensive development and testing and is now available with hazardous area certification.

Each wireless corrosion transmitter will work as a node in a self-organizing network (mesh) to ensure consistent delivery of data. Secure and infinitely configurable, the self-organizing network ensures an adaptive, flexible approach to wireless data transfer that is a significant improvement on hard-wired systems, which define most plants.

The Microcor Wireless Transmitter (MWT) uses high-resolution metal loss measurement that provides 18-bit resolution, and is rated for operation in hazardous locations. It is designed to perform well in both arctic and desert conditions; the MWT has an allowable operating range of from -40 C to 70 C. The wireless corrosion transmitter is based on RCS’s Microcor technology and will provide accurate and reliable corrosion rates in any process media at speeds approaching real time. Correlating real time corrosion rates with other process parameters enables facility operators to realize process control related to variables such as chemical inhibitor feed. Chemical inhibitor costs can be reduced without compromising plant safety, maximizing the return on investment in the corrosion monitoring system. The wireless transmitter provides alerts to system upsets, lengthens the time between plant shutdowns, extends overall asset life, and ensures fast reaction to environmental mishaps or equipment failures caused by corrosion.

Rohrback Cosasco