EIA: Power generation, overall sales down in past year

13 July 2009– Net U.S. electric power generation fell 5 percent from April 2008 to April 2009, according to statistics from the Energy Information Administration (EIA).

Coal-fired generation saw the biggest drop, down 13.9 percent. Natural gas-fired plant generation was down 1.5 percent. Nuclear generation went up more than 3 percent. Petroleum liquid-fired generation was down by 26.5 percent compared to the previous period.

Consumption of coal for power generation was down 12.7 percent in the same time period, but consumption of natural gas went up. The use of petroleum liquids was down 26.9 percent, while petroleum coke use increased.

Total electric power sector coal stocks rose by 34.2 million tons. That included a more than 22 percent increase in stocks of bituminous coal. Subbituminous coal stocks went up by 10 million tons.

The average price paid for coal in April 2009 was $2.23 per MMBtu, down from the price paid in March. Electricity generators paid $4.40 per MMBtu for natural gas.

Overall sales in the industrial sector decreased by 13.6 percent in April 2009 compared to April 2008.

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