U.S. scores high marks for wind energy, lags in transmission

08 July 2009– The United States made the grade when it came to reaching its goal in wind energy but needs work in transmission, according to the American Wind Energy Association report card.

The nation scored a “B” for its progress toward making 20 percent of its electricity supply from wind energy by 2030, but got a “C-” when it came to the country’s efforts on transmission.

Other indicators graded were: Technology development “A-,” manufacturing “B+,” and siting “B.”

The report card score was based on a 2008 report from the Department of Energy establishing the 20 percent mark.

This year, wind farm development is expected to slow, according to AWEA.

AWEA said key policy moves that could put the country back on track include a strong Renewable Electricity Standard with aggressive targets in place and energy legislation that addresses the top issues in transmission.

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AWEA Report Card