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G8 leaders can’t agree on GHG emissions limits

08 July 2009– The eight leaders of the world’s major industrial nations could not agree on how to fight global climate change.

Negotiators at this year’s summit meeting of the Group of 8 in Italy canned a proposal to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2050 and an 80 percent reduction in more advanced countries was also dropped.

Leaders from China and India, both considered developing countries, turned down the plan to cut emissions in half without financial and technical concessions.

All the leaders did, however, agree to set a goal of stopping world temperatures from rising more than 3.5 degrees Fahrenheit from pre-industrial levels, according to the NY Times.

Developing nations like China and India were also invited to participate in discussions. However, they disagreed with the emissions limits because they want advanced countries to commit to midterm goals by 2020 as well as promise technological and financial help, the NY Times said.

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