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Mitsubishi, Foster Wheeler to execute pre-FEED for E.ON UK carbon capture plant

17 June 2009 – Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) and Foster Wheeler have been selected as technology provider of carbon capture technology by E.ON UK for its application to the UK Government’s CCS demonstration competition.

MHI, in consortium with Foster Wheeler Energy Limited in the UK, has received an order from E.ON UK plc, a leading UK energy company, to carry out the pre-front-end engineering design (pre-FEED) of a carbon capture plant planned for a coal fired power station.

The carbon recovery plant is part of E.ON’s project, potentially one of the world’s largest-scale of this kind, to recover and store carbon from the flue gas of the company’s new 1600 MW supercritical pressure coal-fired power generation plant to be built in the UK.

E.ON has proposed the project for the UK government-funded large-scale carbon capture and storage (CCS) demonstration project.

E.ON UK welcomed Wednesday’s launch of the UK Government’s consultation on carbon capture and storage, announced by Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Ed Miliband.

During the consultation process, E.ON will seek further clarity on issues such as the conditions of a new-build coal project, the funding mechanism for fitting CCS and the framework for associated CCS infrastructure.

The company is also calling for more detail on how the Government intends to create a level playing field between new, cleaner coal and existing unabated coal and gas in the UK.

E.ON believes that the best way forward for the development of CCS would be to develop ‘clusters’ of developments by linking a number of fossil-fired power stations and other industrial sites to a single carbon transportation system.

To this end, the company has identified a Thames Cluster in the south east of England, the highest energy using region of the UK, to be an ideal location.

This approach would effectively ‘future proof’ the development of CCS by allowing new facilities to connect quickly to a pipeline that would work much like the existing national grids for gas supplies and for electricity transmission.

The full report on E.ON’s proposals for a Thames Cluster can be downloaded from

Meanwhile, a levy on UK electricity prices could be introduced by 2011 to help pay for up to four carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects in Britain, an official in charge of CCS policy said on Wednesday.

In a consultation on “clean coal” technology published on Wednesday the government proposes power suppliers help fund CCS development through a small tax on power, Kathryn Newell, head of domestic CCS policy at the Department of Energy and Climate Change, told a conference in London, reported Reuters.