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Alstom Hydro wins EUR9m equipment contract for Ecuador hydropower plant

9 June 2009 – Alstom Hydro has signed a contract with Electro Generadora del Austro (Elecaustro) to provide key equipment to the new Ocana hydropower plant in Ecuador.

The plant is to be located in Ecuador’s southwestern province of Cañar. Under the terms and conditions of this contract, worth almost EUR9m ($12.5m), Alstom Hydro will supply two turbine/generator units to the new plant.

Each unit will consist of one 13.4 MW vertical pelton turbine and the associated generator, and other key equipment including speed governors, safety valves, excitation and protection systems, spare parts and special erection tools.

Alstom Hydro’s facilities in Barcelona and Bilbao will be in charge of the engineering and manufacturing of the equipment, to be delivered over the next two years.

The project, which will locally generate approximately 200 jobs during the construction and around 25 during the operation and maintenance period, will be a key reference for similar upcoming projects in Ecuador and will further strengthen the position of Alstom Hydro’s manufacturing facilities in Spain as a supplier of choice.

“We are particularly pleased about this new project,” says Philippe Cochet, President of Alstom Hydro, “as it underlines our strong presence in Latin America and in Ecuador, where we are already part of a consortium that is providing the complete hydro-electromechanical package for the Paute Mazar hydropower project, for which Alstom Hydro is manufacturing the two generators.”