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Kissling presents latest turbo innovation at POWER-GEN Europe in Cologne

18 May 2009 – Swiss manufacturer Kissling will present its latest turbo innovation, the ASTRO-310 at next week’s POWER-GEN Europe conference and exhibition in Cologne (May 26-28).

This gear unit is designed for an output of 1.1 MW and reducing gas turbine speeds from 24 000 rpm to a generator speed of 1500 rpm.

This concept can also be applied to steam turbines, compressors and pump drives, as well as in heavy-duty areas for wind and water turbines.

Limited spatial conditions, operational safety, specific environmental conditions, test benches for a jet starter and fuel controller with a maximum speed of 64 600 rpm – Kissling develops, designs and manufactures special gear units for maximum demands and a wide variety of applications.

When special requests, small series or even individual designs are required, individual solutions are the order of the day and these can only be offered by a medium-sized company demonstrating both flexibility and transparency.

Kissling AG has been demonstrating its efficiency in the area of designing special gear units for several decades and is one of the leading companies in this sector. Renowned machine manufacturers, plant construction firms and end customers all over the world and in every conceivable sector avail of the high product services offered by Kissling.

The range of services comprises of the development, construction and manufacture of special gear units such as:
■ Helical and bevel helical gearboxes
■ Planetary gear units
■ Power split gears
■ Turbo gears
■ Double-shaft and multi-pinion gears

Torques ranging from 10 to 5,000 kNm are covered by heavy-duty gearboxes. Power ratings of between 100 and 8,000 kW are achieved at up to 80,000 rpm by Kissling turbo gears. Special constructions, couplings, lubricating units and various other accessory components are also offered by Kissling.

The use of turbo gears is not however merely restricted to the segments referred to above. Kissling has developed gears for a wide variety of power generation applications such as the single-stage ER gears which are used for gas and steam turbines in particular.

The ASTRO gear range was developed for higher transmission ratios between 8 and 50, whereby this range represents an extremely compact dual-stage planetary gear unit with power splitting.

The FlexPin technology applied achieves very consistent load distribution with the result that up to seven planets can be integrated per stage. The range is rounded off by ORION planetary gears in the medium transmission ratios range between 6 and 20.

Various other coaxial gear solutions have also been planned in an effort to find optimum solutions for customers. In the area of power generation, water turbines represent a special case as the speeds are relatively low.

Kissling also has a solution for this special application in its own special ranges of single-stage gears.