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Issue 4 and Volume 113.

Rotork actuator

Rotork Process Controls is offering the SM-6000 S2 electric rotary actuator for heavy-duty damper drive applications found throughout electric power plants. The SM-6000 S2 provides high speeds and high torque for continuous modulating duty.

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It includes an internally mounted digital amplifier which is programmed via non-intrusive rotary switches and a vacuum fluorescent display on the front of the unit. Standard features include an operating temperature of -40 F to 185 F, automatic torque limiting, and a watertight, doubled-sealed enclosure with a separately sealed terminal compartment designed for hostile environments. Several options are also available, including an extended temperature range to 225 F, faster speeds, and precise contactless feedback.
Rotork Process Controls Inc.

Warner brakes

Warner Electric, an Altra Industrial Motion company, has modified its ERS series of electrically-released, spring-engaged brakes to serve as pitch brakes for wind turbine applications that require both “static” holding power and the ability to withstand high inertia dynamic stops in an emergency situation.

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The largest in the Warner Electric ERS series, the 11.3-pound ERS68, has been tested to a capacity of more than 20,000 fully-loaded dynamic stops, surpassing the design spec by a factor of 20. The ERS68 brake offers 100 ft. lbs. of static torque with a maximum of 2,000 RPM and a brake release time of 0.2 sec.

Typically three pitch brakes and four to five yaw brakes are installed for motion control in the nacelle of each wind turbine.
Warner Electric


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Quality Filtration, a designer and manufacturer of custom-engineered filtration elements and media, has introduced the new QMediaä. This media has been developed specifically for oil reclamation systems. The QMediaä is developed with high flow capacity and the ability to hold more dirt and clean systems. Filtration elements using QMediaä are experiencing 30 percent more dirt holding capacity (DHC) and have a performance at 1 micron media. Designed to remove particulate matter quickly, QMediaä media improves oil reclamation efficiency on site,. The new QMediaä is developed for use in 18-, 36- and 39-inch elements that are specific to the oil reclamation industry. The media fits Quality Filtration element series 8300, 8310, 8314, coreless and other series where high performance is demanded. This media is ideally suited for oil reclamation in power generation plants, pulp and paper mills, mining operations and the oil and gas industry.
Quality Filtration

Intergraph module

Intergraph has released the Validation, Transformation and Loading module for SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operators (SPO VTL), a comprehensive solution that enables companies to significantly reduce the time and costs associated with validation of data handover and data quality insurance in greenfield and brownfield environments.

SPO VTL manages data acquisition from multiple sources and verifies the quality of incoming data prior to loading into target project or operations systems. Data are held in a staging area, subject to rigorous quality control before being extracted for loading into target systems, including Intergraph’s SmartPlant Enterprise suite and other enterprise applications. SPO VTL also improves the range, quality, consistency and traceability of validation performed and enables EPCs to check the quality of information deliverables before sending them to customers.

Conval valves

Conval, a maker of high-temperature, high-pressure valves, offers custom-engineered, multi-stage Whisperjets to reduce vapor or liquid pressure without causing component wear. Whisperjets discharge the system fluid through a series of multi-pressure reduction stages. Each Whisperjet section has four to six orifices around a perimeter. The orifices discharge inwardly, which allows flow streams to impinge on each other rather than on the sections themselves.

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Whisperjets are available through ASME Class 4500 in a variety of sizes, with socket weld or butt weld ends. Standard materials are carbon steel A105, low alloy SA 182-F22, F91 and Stainless.
Conval Inc.

Sly spouts

Sly Inc., a 135-year-old manufacturer of dust collectors and other air pollution control products, announces a full range of “dust free” loading spouts to help maintain clean industrial workplaces. Whether filling barrels, trucks, railcars or open-stacking, Sly makes a retractable loading spout that will handle any dry, bulk material.

Standard features include; 3/60/230/460 VAC motor, reducer, chain and sprocket drive, molded polyethylene internal stacking cones, RoadStar 18 outer shroud and fully wired and enclosed electricals. Optional features include; Slack-Cable limit switches, level sensor, control pendant, explosion-proof electricals and guide cones of stainless steel or abrasion resistant steel.
Sly Inc.

Esco saw

An air-powered panel saw that is offered with two methods for cutting old boiler tube panels as well as trimming new panels for an exact fit-up is available from ESCO Tool of Holliston, Mass. The Esco APS-438 Air-Powered Saw features a 3 HP motor that only requires 80 cfm at 90 psi to drive a fiberglass reinforced blade for cutting inconel, stainless steel, and other hard tubes. To speed power plant maintenance, it can be supplied with a track that attaches using weld tabs for removing old panels and a quick-clamp track system for trimming new panels.

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The Esco APS-438 Air-Powered Saw produces a square cut with ±1/8” accuracy and no HAZ (heat affected zone). Weighing 28 lbs., this 3 HP pneumatic saw is available with fiberglass or carbide-tipped steel blades 8” to 12” O.D.
Venmark International

Metcar materials

Metallized Carbon Corp., a manufacturer of oil-free, self-lubricating materials, offers Metcar grades M-343 and M-346 high temperature mechanical materials. These unique carbon/graphite antimony-impregnated materials are designed to operate in difficult environments where oil and grease lubrication cannot be used due to temperature limitations. This proprietary antimony impregnation provides excellent wear resistance and enhanced lubrication for bearings and thrust washers operating in both submerged and dry environments.

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Operating at temperatures up to 700 F, these materials are designed for medium to high loads and are ideal for submerged applications, including bearings and seal rings for pumps handling water, fuels, hydrocarbons, mild acids, alkalis, liquefied gasses, dyes, solvents and heat transfer fluids. Dry applications for these materials include seal rings for rotary steam joints, radial seal rings for compressors and blowers, components for high temperature valves and piston rings for gas compressors.
Metallized Carbon Corp.

Strahman valves

The trunnion-mounted, metal-seated ball valves are now available from Strahman that have been specifically designed for severe service applications such as those found in oil and gas, petrochemical, refining, polymer, steam, catalyst, DCU (delayed coking unit) and coal gasification industries. Ranging from PN 10 to PN 630-4500 lb., the special coatings (hardened trim) on the ball and metal seats make them ideal for use in high temperature, high pressure and abrasive environments.

The valves come in one-piece and two-piece designs for ease of use and maintenance. The one-piece design includes bottom entry for simplifying maintenance. This is done by dropping the valve internals without having to first remove the valve from the line. The valves come with numerous options, ranging from bore size, to body and trim materials and welded jackets around the body and flanges, as well as others.
Strahman Valves

Tyco sleeve

Tyco Flow Control’s (TFC) patented Mark III sleeve is now available on its Clarkson KGD slurry knife gate valve line. The Mark III sleeve, an enhancement of Tyco’s Mark I and Mark II sleeves, is manufactured through a proprietary process that provides a molded elastomer part. Customers needing to integrate the new technology can install the new sleeve without having to modify the existing KGD valve assembly currently used.

New features of the Mark III sleeve include a raised face support disc that helps resist over-compression of the sleeve, internal profile of the sleeve designed to provide a pressure assist to the sealing function and lower installation torque requirements and easier installation in a variety of pipe styles.
Tyco Flow Control

Siemens recloser

Siemens Energy announces the launch of its new distribution recloser. Designated the SDR, this new recloser is manufactured in multiple Siemens locations, including Germany, the United Kingdom and Wendell, N.C. The recloser switch unit uses vacuum technology for circuit interruption and is insulated in a cycloaliphatic epoxy molding and utilizes a dual coil, low-energy, magnetic actuator.

With ratings up to 38 kV, 800 Amps continuous and 16 kA interrupting, the SDR will meet the needs of Siemens’ U.S. customers. Options for triple-single and loop automation are available, as well as fault detection.
Siemens Energy Sector

Graphlon material

Graphlon GM 860 is an abrasion-resistant bushing material that protects pumps and helps prolong pump life. Developed by Graphite Metallizing, it is a polymer/graphite-based material used in the manufacture of pump bushings and other critical-wear parts.

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Graphlon GM 860 has been developed for sump pumps and river water service pumps where abrasives are always an issue. GM 860 also handles the limited run dry requirement of these applications. This new material extends the range of Graphalloy run dry capable materials into additional applications, enabling users to increase MBTF (mean time between failures) in many pumps troubled by abrasives. The bearings are supplied machined and ready to install.
Graphite Metallizing Corp.

GGB bearings

GGB Bearing Technology’s HPM and HPF fiber-reinforced, plastic composite bearings meet the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ specifications for self-lubricating bearings for wicket gate applications in hydropower turbines, according to tests performed by Powertech Labs Inc., Surrey, B.C., Canada.

Powertech Labs subjected the bearings to accelerated wear testing under dry, wet and low-speed, edge-loaded oscillating conditions, simulating those encountered in actual hydropower turbines. The HPM bearings exhibited acceptable coefficients of friction and wear in dry testing, and generally low wear rates in wet and edge load tests.

Developed specifically for hydropower applications, GGB’s HPM and HPF materials provide high load capacity, excellent shock and edge loading capacity, low friction, superior wear rate, corrosion resistance and dimensional stability. Because the bearings are self- lubricating, they are also environmentally friendly.
GGB Bearing Technology

WFC clocks

Used as part of an overall safety messages program, event-free clocks from William Frick and Co. can decrease incidents and improve health and safety in the workplace. With its large digital read-out and custom graphics, the event-free clock reminds workers that every day on the job should be a safe day. Easy to set and reset, it keeps track of the intervals between each safety event and can be customized to match existing safety materials.
William Frick and Co.