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Exelon selects ABWR for Texas nuclear reactors

27 March 2009 — Exelon opted for a 1,550 MWe GE-Hitachi Advanced Boiling Water Reactor design for its planned Victoria site in north Texas, according to World Nuclear News. The utility dropped the GE-Hitachi Economic Simplified Boiling Water Reactor (ESBWR) design last year.

Two ESBWR reactors were originally chosen for Exelon’s Victoria site. Despite having submitted a combined construction and operating license application in September, Exelon decided in December that the ESBWR was not near enough to deployment to qualify for federal loan guarantees.

The ESBWR is a more advanced design than ABWR, but it has not yet been built. It is currently in the process of design certification with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. By contrast, the ABWR already has U.S. design certification. Five are already in operation in Japan, with two under construction on Taiwan. Earlier this week GEH signed a memorandum with Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd and Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd to build up to six of the reactors.

Exelon must now revise the reactor-specific parts of its COL documentation. A final decision whether of not to build is expected next year, according to the report.

Entergy and Dominion also reconsidered their ESBWR choice at about the same time as Exelon.

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