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Qatar to build $500m solar power plant

23 March 2009 – Qatar is planning to build a major solar energy plant with an aim to generate at least 100 MW of solar power within five years.

Over $500m will be invested by Qatar Foundation in a plant to make polysilicon, the much sought-after raw material for solar cells.

The project will take two years and the hi-tech, modular plant is to be built in Europe by a leading manufacturer and put together in Qatar on site, Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP) executive chairman Tidu Maini said.

“Plans are in the final stages for the polysilicon plant,” Maini said. “What we will do in Qatar is to build a base facility, producing 3000 tonnes a year, and we might go up to 12 tonnes later,” he added.

QSTP will also encourage its tenants Tata, Chevron and Total, which are major players in solar, to collaborate with the country’s companies emerging in the sector.