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Ontario’s new nuclear build receives bids

3 February 2009 — Infrastructure Ontario received three final bid proposals for two new nuclear power reactors at Ontario Power Generation’s (OPG) existing Darlington site. Areva NP, Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. and Westinghouse submitted bids. The February 27 deadline was extended from the end of last year, in part because of global market volatility.

The Ministry of Energy, OPG and Bruce Power reviewed available nuclear technologies and invited four vendors to participate in the proposal process. The vendors were Areva, AECL, GE-Hitachi Nuclear Energy and Westinghouse. GE-Hitachi withdrew in April 2008 to focus on U.S. licensing efforts for its Economic Simplified Boiling Water Reactor (ESBWR).

The next step in the Ontario selection process is a compliance review and proposal evaluation followed by a contract negotiation period. The preferred vendor is expected to be announced in June.

Ontario’s government began work in March 2008 to select a preferred supplier of two nuclear reactors. The project is part of the Ontario government’s 20-year energy plan, which began in 2006. The plan calls for maintaining the province’s 14,000 MWe of nuclear capacity, which will require new build to replace retiring facilities.

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