Air Pollution Control Equipment Services, Renewables

To the Editor:

Issue 3 and Volume 113.


A story in February’s issue about circulating fluidized bed technology could have created a misunderstanding about Dominion’s plans for the burning of biomass at a power station now under construction in Wise County, Va.

Dominion’s air permit from the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality for the station requires the burning of 5 percent biomass (in the form of wood chips) after three years of operation and no less than 10 percent after 10 years. The station is designed to burn up to 20 percent biomass, but it will not be reaching that design threshold at the station’s startup in 2012.

Additionally, although some CFB power stations may burn petcoke as a boiler fuel, Dominion says it has no plans or intentions of using petcoke to fire its boilers at the Wise County facility.

Finally, while Dominion will be one of the first to install an activated carbon injection system to enhance mercury reduction, Dominion’s Mark Mitchell notes that mercury emissions are already inherently low in CFB units.