Alstom to collaborate with Microsoft on IT solutions for power industry

13 February 2009 – Alstom has announced that it will collaborate with US software behemoth Microsoft to deliver information technology (IT) solutions for the power industry.

The French company said the initiative would introduce Microsoft technology into the heart of Alstom’s software product development, placing the company at the forefront of IT solutions for the power industry while increasing Microsoft’s strong presence as a provider of computer technologies to end users.

Alstom and Microsoft will collaborate in three areas:

* Research and development in IT and power generation control platforms, both for conventional and renewable energy;

* Marketing of both companies’ products, including joint sales activities and communications programmes;

* Joint business initiatives to accelerate the integration of third-party software applications.

The first applications will allow the power plant control system to be integrated with business IT applications, thus perfecting power plant operation and maintenance.

For end users, this means increased ease of application and significantly improved accuracy in decision-making. The use of Microsoft technologies will allow easier integration into IT applications in areas such as condition monitoring, plant simulation, trading and risk, and metering and settlements.

Laurent Demortier, Senior Vice President of Alstom’s Energy Management Business, commented: “As an example, this new infrastructure will allow power plant operators to tie in their real-time plant scheduling decisions with wholesale power and carbon markets.”

The first implementations based on the new and expanded use of the Microsoft platform will be at Alstom’s Fujairah (UAE) and Flevo (Netherlands) power plants before the end of this year.