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InStep’s condition monitoring to be unveiled at POWER-GEN Middle East technical tour

12 February 2009 – InStep software’s PRiSM, online condition monitoring, and eDNA real time data historian solutions will be featured during the POWER-GEN Middle East 2009 technical tour of the Al Hidd Power Plant in Bahrain on 16 February.

The Hidd Power Company is the largest independent water and power producer in Bahrain and touted as one of the most modern; InStep’s complete solution is charged with monitoring the facility’s major gas turbines, associated heat recovery steam generators and desalination equipment.

InStep’s PRiSM is a self-learning analytic application for real time online monitoring of critical assets for condition based maintenance, making it the ideal solution for energy and process facilities.

eDNA is an enterprise level real time data historian that archives multiple data points on a second by second basis and stores years of plant data online in its original time stamped resolution.

Together PRiSM and eDNA are providing the Al Hidd Power Plant with solutions that complement its state of the art infrastructure and set a benchmark for Middle East energy facilities.

A single identified fault has proven to save a power plant over $500 000; one InStep Software customer realized a five-to-one ROI in the first year of utilizing PRiSM.

Bill King, Director of Production, Al Hidd Power Plant, said: “InStep’s solutions provide Al Hidd with very easy access to critical, real-time data on the health of many important assets in this plant.

“This will save us both time and money by providing early identification of equipment failures backed up with a detailed history of equipment condition.

“We were particularly impressed with PRiSM ‘s online equipment health monitoring capability and eDNA’s ability to maintain a high fidelity long term archive.”