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Uruguay planning 500 MW in new renewable capacity

14 January 2009 – Uruguay will add 500 MW of non-conventional, renewable capacity by 2015, mining and energy minister Daniel Martínez said at an emissions conference in Santiago, reported Business News Americas.

New wind capacity will reach 250 MW and 50 MW of additional biomass capacity will be added to the country’s national grid. Around 50 MW of new mini-hydro capacity will be added to the grid as well.

Uruguay, meanwhile, is using new renewable capacity to reduce dependence on oil and increase autonomous sources of power.

“We’ve had the same problems with natural gas supply from Argentina as Chile,” Martínez said.

Uruguay also is looking to increase power interconnections with Brazil and make existing connections with Argentina and Brazil more dynamic, the minister said.

The country is interested in studying new ways of exchanging power with Paraguay, which has 50 per cent of the world’s largest hydro dam, Itaipu.