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Duke IGCC wins cost estimate OK

7 January 2009 – The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission said it approved Duke Energy’s revised cost estimate of $2.35 billion for its 630 MW clean coal gasification power plant under construction in southwest Indiana. Duke Energy filed its $365 million cost increase request for the Edwardsport station with state regulators in May. The revised cost equals $3,730 a kW.

The commission also approved the company’s $17 million request to study capturing a portion of the plant’s carbon dioxide emissions. Duke Energy said it would like to explore capturing and storing carbon dioxide permanently in underground geologic formations.

Edwardsport is the first major new coal-fired power plant to be constructed in Indiana in more than 20 years. The approximately 630 MW plant will use advanced integrated gasification combined cycle technology. The new plant will produce 10 times as much power as an existing plant at Edwardsport and it will emit less sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and mercury than the plant it replaces. It will also emit 45 percent less carbon dioxide per MWh than the existing facility.

The company will retire the existing Edwardsport plant – with coal and oil units built between 1944 and 1951 – prior to startup of the new facility. Construction began early last year and will be completed in 2012.

Duke Energy Indiana has about 7,300 MW of generating capacity.