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ACCCE details more than 80 carbon capture projects

22 December 2008 – The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE) released a list of more than 80 carbon capture and storage demonstration and research projects, predominantly underway in the U.S.

These projects are intended to pave the way for coal-based electricity generation technologies to be used in ways that not only control pollutants regulated by federal clean-air statutes, but break new ground in achieving significant reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide, according to an ACCCE release.

The database shows nearly 100 projects in all – over 80 in the U.S. – that are related to various aspects of carbon capture and storage. Some are actual commercial-scale CO2 storage projects. A few demonstrate commercial use of available carbon capture technologies. The majority represent ongoing research into the carbon capture and storage techniques that will be required for broad commercial deployment in conjunction with coal-based generation.

The list includes projects that are easily identified because of government cost-sharing or other publicly available documentation. What it is unable to identify are those proprietary projects and technologies that do not receive government funding and will not be announced until they are ready for public demonstration.

The Alexandria, Va.-based ACCCE is a non-profit, non-partisan partnership of companies involved in producing electricity from coal.