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Italian-Chinese consortium signs deal with Bulgarian power plant to upgrade units

15 December 2008 – An Italian-Chinese consortium has signed an agreement on the construction of desulphurization facilities with Bulgaria’s biggest power plant “Maritsa East 2” to upgrade units.

Bulgarian Environment and Water Minister Dzevdet Chakarov, Economy and Energy Minister Peter Dimitrov and Chinese Ambassador to Sofia Zhang Wanxue were present at the signing ceremony held in the Ministry of Environment and Water of Bulgaria.

The implementation of the project will resolve the problem with the pollution in the Stara Zagora region where the energy company is located, said Chakarov.

The project is of €85.6m ($114.2m) total worth. Of this, €36.165m are provided as grant aid under ISPA and €34m will come as a credit by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Under the deal the consortium of Italy’s engineering company Idreco S.P.A and China’s Insigma Technology will build flue gas desulphurization installations at units 5 and 6 of the 1450 MW coal fired plant by 2011.

“Maritsa East 2 “produces about 17 per cent of the Balkan country’s electricity.