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GE Energy wins gas turbine maintenance contract

25 November 2008 – Algerian state-owned power company Sonelgaz has signed service agreements with GE Energy worth more than $1 billion. The service agreements will help to improve efficiency, output and reliability of 51 gas turbines installed in 13 power plants across the country.

Included in the agreement is an 18-year contractual service agreement for the Koudiet Eddraouch power plant in El-Tarf province, 700 kilometers east of Algiers. GE Energy will supply three F-class gas turbines for this new plant.

GE will also conduct a six-year maintenance program covering 48 gas turbines at 12 other Sonelgaz power plants across the country. The company will also help increase the output of the gas turbines, along with upgraded Mark VI control systems.

According to the Algeria’s Ministry of Energy and Mining, the country’s installed generating capacity in 2006 was 7,077 MW, while its need for power is increasing by more than 7 percent annually and will reach a projected 14,000 MW by 2010.