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Exelon reconsiders nuclear reactor for Texas project

24 November 2008 — Exelon Nuclear said it is negotiating with manufacturers of alternate reactor technologies for its proposed nuclear energy development in Victoria County, Texas.

Exelon originally planned to use a General Electric-Hitachi reactor design for the Victoria site. That technology — the Economic Simplified Boiling Water Reactor, or ESBWR — is still in the early design phase, the company said.

In August, Exelon began renegotiating the choice after an internal analysis showed that other technologies provide the project greater commercial and schedule certainty. These improvements would enhance Exelon’s ability to get federal loan guarantees, which the company has said are essential for financing the project.

Exelon said it is considering reactor technologies with more mature designs, more certain cost structures and better availability of information than the ESBWR.

Exelon filed a license application with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in September. Exelon expects to decide on an alternative technology in early 2009 and will revise the license application accordingly, according to the company’s vice president for new plant development

This application does not mean Exelon is committed to building a plant. That decision is expected in 2010.

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