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Australia backs low-emission Queensland coal pilot

The Callide Oxyfuel demonstration project in Biloela, Queensland, will retrofit an existing power station with technology that burns pulverized coal in a mixture of oxygen and recirculated waste gases to create a high concentration of carbon dioxide in the gases exiting the power station’s boiler.

13 November 2008 — GE Energy and the University of Wyoming plan to develop cleaner coal technology. Under the agreement, GE and the university will develop the High Plains Gasification Advanced Technology Center to accelerate the commercial use of cleaner coal technology. Another goal of the project is to bring down the cost of carbon capture and sequestration.

The center will include a small-scale gasification system that will enable researchers to develop advanced gasification solutions for Powder River Basin and other Wyoming coals. The research is expected to expand the range of coals that can be used with GE’s integrated gasification combined-cycle technology for power plants. The facility is expected to be operational by 2012.