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EPRI to evaluate adding solar thermal energy to fossil power plants

10 November 2008 — The Electric Power Research Institute said that it will lead two projects to help electric power companies add solar energy to fossil-fueled electric power plants, reducing fuel costs and plant emissions. Dynegy Inc. and NV Energy will host case studies at their natural gas combined cycle facilities with project participants including Salt River Project, Southern Company and Progress Energy.

Both projects involve adding steam generated by a solar thermal field to a conventional fossil fuel-powered steam cycle, either to offset some of the coal or natural gas required to generate electric power or to boost overall plant power output. The projects will be conducted in parallel, with one focused on natural gas plant technologies and the other on coal plant technologies.

As part of the natural gas project, case studies will be conducted at Dynegy’s Griffith Energy Facility in Kingman, Ariz., and at NV Energy’s Chuck Lenzie Generating Station near Las Vegas.

These projects will provide a conceptual design study and two case studies. Design options to retrofit existing plants will be analyzed and new plant design options will be identified. EPRI holds two patents in solar steam cycle optimization.

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