RWE Innogy obtains permit for two geothermal projects in Germany

5 November 2008 – RWE Innogy has obtained from the relevant mining authority in Munich the permit for two deep geothermal projects at Wildpoldsried and Unterthingau in the Swabian rural district of Oberallgau, Germany.

The company plans to invest around €34m ($44m) in these projects. As opposed to geothermal energy close to the surface, which is mainly used for heating purposes, deep geothermal energy enables electricity to be generated for meeting baseload demand.

This is because the water temperatures found in deeper earth strata are much higher. RWE Innogy plans to drill up to 4000m deep into the ground as part of the projects that have just been approved.

On the fields covering an area of about 100 sq km, investigations will be carried out concerning the geothermal potential over the next three years.

In addition to the new data to be collected, existing seismic studies will also be used and re-evaluated. All the results are then to be incorporated into a new feasibility study.

The two fields for which permits have been granted, extend across the rural districts of Oberallgau and Ostallgau, as well as the urban district of Kempten.