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SolFocus sign $103 million deal for 10 MW project

3 November 2008 — SolFocus, a California-based photovoltaic solar energy company, signed a $103 million agreement with EMPE Solar for more than 10 MW of solar energy projects in southern Spain by the end of 2010.

SolFocus’ CPV systems use a combination of PV cells and optics to provide solar energy for commercial, industrial and utility applications. This project will be one of the largest deployments of CPV technology in Europe.

The SolFocus-EMPE deal comes after SolFocus completed two 3 MW CPV projects for the Institute of Concentration Photovoltaic Systems in Spain. CPV technology uses mirrors and reflective optics to concentrate the sun’s rays 500 times onto a solar cell. The technology uses one-thousandth the amount of photovoltaic material used in traditional PV systems.

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