Issue 11 and Volume 112.

Progressing cavity pump

Moyno Inc. offers the Moyno 2000 progressing cavity pump for handling highly viscous coal/oil slurry mixtures in the power generation and industrial markets. The Moyno 2000 pump is a proven performer in multi-fuel or dual-fuel applications for burner feed, boilers, heaters, dryers and furnaces with the ability to handle abrasive materials with a high percentage of solids, flow rates to 4,500 gpm and pressures up to 1,500 psi.

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The Moyno 2000 pump features the crowned gear universal joint drive train configuration to provide exceptional torque and thrust control. The rugged gear joint effectively handles highly viscous fluids. Patented joint seals help protect the gear joints from pumpage contamination. The rear gear joint location in the Moyno 2000 Pump is designed to reduce the radial load on the drive shaft and bearings.

Moyno Inc.
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The Chemineer Model 20 HT/GT top-entering agitators feature a swing out seal change design for easy seal maintenance and reduced maintenance cost. With the Model 20 HT/GT agitators, there is no need to lift or remove the gearbox. For replacement of the mechanical seal, rotate the gearbox 90 degrees around the pivot pin. The top of the seal pedestal opens for a clear, line-of-site view and room for removal of the coupling half and seal assembly.

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Chemineer Model 20 HT/GT agitators are designed for a wide range of service in the chemical, pharmaceutical, ethanol and biofuels, water and wastewater, FGD, power and other general process industries. The agitators feature a new, high-efficiency gearbox with helical gearing and a parallel shaft configuration designed specifically for agitator service.

The new Model 20 HT/GT agitators also feature a modular design. The wide range of speeds available with the new agitators provides improved process control and greater application versatility. The Model 20 HT/GT agitators are designed to meet AGMA, OSHA, ANSI, IEC, DIN, EU and ATEX standards and requirements. A variety of seal options are available.

Chemineer Inc.
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 401

Low NOX burner

Hamworthy Peabody Combustion announces the ECOjet burner, offering ultra-low emissions with little or no flue gas recirculation. Ignition is achieved using the Chentronics high energy direct spark ignitor. This burst mode ignition with flashing indicator allows the operator to observe the ignitor condition during operation. Gas-electric ignitors are also available firing natural gas, propane, coke oven gas and so on.

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The ECOjet’s staged gas design provides stable flames, up to 20:1 burner turndown, hot standby, available continuous pilot, and precise furnace warm-up, as well as ultra low NOX on a full range of gaseous fuels (natural gas, propane, refinery gas, landfill gas, off-gasses) and low NOX on all liquid fuels (No. 2 through No. 6 fuel oil, ultra-heavy fuels such as pitch and bitumen).

The ECOjet is applicable to package, industrial and utility boilers ranging from single to multi-burner wall-fired, Turbo, and other boiler types and provides NOX levels <30 ppm without FGR and ultra-Low NOX (<10 ppm) with less FGR than other burners and a lower CO<sub>2</sub> footprint.

Burner ramp rates are not limited by speed. The burner does not require complicated control systems, nor does it require special fuel or combustion air filtration or straining. Accommodates capacities to 400 MM Btu/hr.

Hamworthy Peabody Combustion Inc.
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 402

Mechanical switch

The Vibralert Model 5550 Mechanical Vibration Switch is designed to provide vibration protection for low- to medium-speed machinery. An inertia sensitive mechanism activates a snap-action switch with SPDT output contacts if the vibration exceeds an adjustable setpoint. The 5550 contacts can be used to activate an alarm or initiate equipment shutdown.

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The housing is weatherproof with an optional hazardous area rating. Electrical (remote) reset with start-up time delay and a second set of SPDT output contacts to accommodate DPDT needs (e.g., separate trip and trip light circuits) are available. For harsh environmental conditions, we offer an epoxy coat option.

Metrix Instrument Co.
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 403

Encoder and motor feedback system guide for wind power

Sick Stegmann Inc. introduces the Guide to Encoder and Motor Feedback Systems for Wind Power Systems. This illustrated guide highlights encoder and motor feedback solutions that deliver maximum reliability in even the most aggressive conditions for both onshore and offshore applications.

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The guide reviews solutions for pitch and azimuth systems. It also discusses the use of absolute encoders for rotor blade adjustment and gondola adaptation, and incremental encoders for rotor speed measurement.

Sick Stegmann Inc.
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 404

Alarm manager

Matrikon announces the release of Matrikon Alarm Manager V4.2 featuring enforcement, bypass management, and incident review capabilities.

Matrikon Alarm Manager V4.2 now includes Alarm Manager Enforcer, Alarm Manager Custodian and Alarm Manager Operation Analysis Pack.

Alarm management has evolved well beyond identifying bad actors and managing the changes to alarm configuration. Lean work forces and regulatory requirements to track and manage changes have created a need to streamline all alarm and safety-related processes. Matrikon Alarm Manager V4.2 now addresses these issues and more.

The Matrikon Alarm Manager V4.2 includes the Matrikon Alarm Manager Enforcer module. Matrikon’s enforcement module monitors alarms, tuning and other related control system parameters and in the event of improper configuration, notifies and upon approval, sets the control system to the designed setting.

Alarm Manager Enforcer is designed to give users the ability to eliminate the need to manage multiple systems, provide an audit trail of all the changes and approvals and reduce the engineering effort to manage the control and alarm management systems.

The Matrikon Alarm Manager V4.2 also includes the Matrikon Alarm Manager Custodian module. Matrikon’s new Alarm Manager Custodian is a control room logbook designed to manage and track alarm inhibit and safety system override management.

The Matrikon Alarm Manager V4.2 also includes the Alarm Manager Operation Analysis Pack module. In addition to the above add-ons, Matrikon has extended its analysis capability to include an Operations Analysis package. The Operations Analysis package is aimed at leveraging the wealth of information contained in your events and provides tools for:

– Incident reviews
– Post-trip analysis
– Interlock validation

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Electric chain hoist

Konecranes offers the wXN Electric Chain Hoist, a light-weight, compact chain hoist to be mounted to a jib crane within the nacelle of the turbine. With a standard lifting capacity from 1/8 to 1 ton and optional higher capacities, the wXN offers performance-enhancing features such as a suspended hook, standard two-speed hoisting, epoxy-painted protection and efficient heat dissipation through its ribbed design. Lifting capacity, lifting speed and lifting height can be configured based on the handling system.

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The body of the wXN is constructed from pressure-cast aluminum for weight reduction. The electric control panel encloses all the electrical components. The lubricated gears are heat-treated.

Operational efficiency is achieved through the friction torque limiter designed to prevent overloading, accidental over-hoisting and over-lowering. The five-pocket chain wheels are heat-treated and ground. Additionally, upper and lower electric limit switches and electromagnetic disc brakes help to facilitate effective load-handling and simple maintenance.

The wXN allows for service to occur at the hub. Motors are equipped with standard low voltage control. The wXN can also be customized to fit the restrictions of particular applications, offering remote control operation, extra load limit switches, hour counters and protection above the standard IP55 class.

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Gate valves

Conval offers Clampseal Swivldisc gate valves in standard sizes from 1/2” to 4” through ASME Class 3500. The unique wedge gate design employs a flexible disc designed to permit the seating surfaces to achieve perfect alignment The valve is designed for convenient and efficient in-line servicing.

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Standard materials include carbon steel 216 GR WCB and high-performance graphite packing. Optional materials are available upon request. Standard accessories include bypass and air or motor actuation.

Conval Inc.,
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 407

Bird control product catalog

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Bird-B-Gone Inc. announces a new catalog. The new catalog features a complete line of bird deterrents to help solve virtually any pest bird problem. The full color, 45-page catalog includes Bird-B-Gone classics like the Bird Spike 2001 and Bird Net 2000, and features new products such as Bat Net and new hardware. Bird-B-Gone products include Bird Spikes, Bird Netting, Shock Track, Audio/Visual deterrents, live traps, hardware and more.

Bird-B-Gone Inc.
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 408

Combustible gas detector

General Monitors’ advanced S4000C Combustible Gas Detector is now available with HART. The new Model S4000CH detector is suitable for a wide range of demanding industrial applications where the potential presence of dangerous hydrocarbon-based combustible gas is a threat to people, equipment and facilities.

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The S4000CH Gas Detector features General Monitors’ precision catalytic bead sensor. HART is an instrumentation communications protocol engineered to provide reliable two-way digital communication without disturbing the integrity of the 4-20 mA analog signal. HART permits remote process variable interrogation, cyclical access to process data, parameter setting and diagnostics. HART is backward compatible with the installed base of instrumentation in use today.

The S4000CH is a hydrocarbon gas detector suitable for use in SIL 3 applications and approved by FM, CSA, ATEX, GOST and has CE Marking. It features a three-digit display and an explosion-proof housing, which allows all data to be processed locally at the sensor site. The S4000CH is also available with an optional relay configuration that is appropriate for SIL 2 processes. The S4000CH features one-person calibration for ease of maintenance.

The S4000CH monitors combustible gas and vapors within the lower explosive limit (LEL) and provides status indication and alarm outputs. In addition, the S4000CH is equipped with relay contacts that can be used to indicate an alarm or fault condition and dual redundant Modbus or HART communication. Configurations with relays, Modbus and HART are available to meet many needs.

The Model S4000CH has four different operating modes. First, a normal operating mode in which alarms are active and the display and the 4-20 mA readings are proportional to the gas concentration at the sensor. Second, a gas check mode that allows the user to apply a gas and check the sensor response while alarm outputs are inhibited. Third, a calibration mode in which gas is applied to the sensor to calibrate the unit. Finally, a setup mode that allows the user to review or change setup options such as relay settings, calibration level and Modbus parameters.

General Monitors
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 409

LED illuminator

Clark-Reliance Corp. has announced a new illuminator. Jerguson NightStar illuminators are for use with its Magnicator II magnetic liquid level gages. An array of bright LEDs continually shines on the gage’s magnetic flag indicators to provide high contrast, 24-hour visibility in no-light or low-light environments.

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NightStar-equipped indicators are approved for use in Class 1, Div. 1 classified applications and are not angle dependant, so viewers can see from many positions. The unit’s LEDs have a nominal life of 10 years.

The NightStar indicator can be field-upgraded on any Jerguson magnetic gage or can be used to upgrade other manufacturers’ gages. Magnicator II Magnetic Liquid Level Indication Products have a patented float design. This uniquely strong field activates indicator flags, switches and transmitters.

Clark-Reliance Corp.
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 410

Boiler tube panel saw

A panel saw and steel track system that attaches easily to water wall boiler tubes using weld tabs that help determine the cut line and fully support to tool are available from ESCO Tool.

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The PanelHog APS-438LP low-profile saw and EscoTrack System are especially designed for removing boiler tube panel sections in tight areas and require no special operator training. Easily attached using weld tabs, the track fully supports the saw that travels on four V-grooved steel wheels and produces a ±1/16” cut with no HAZ (heat affected zone) or need for grinders.

Featuring a standard 10” wheel for cutting 3-3/8” deep panels (optional 14” wheel for 5-1/4” deep), the PanelHog APS-438LP low-profile saw has a powerful 3 HP pneumatic motor, uses only 80 CFM and cuts tough materials with a high percentage of chrome. Suitable for membrane removal too, the tool can be removed, rotated 90 degrees and reinstalled on the track for vertical notching.

Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 411

Cartridge valve

Parker Fluid Control Division now offers a new line of manifold mount Cartridge Valves. The valve is an alternative to solenoid operators and stud mount valves.

The Cartridge Valve is part of a family of direct-acting solenoid valves for air and liquid (including light oil) applications.

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The manifold mount Cartridge Valve is offered in two- and three-way models with a stainless steel body. It offers a space-saving approach, without manifold orifices to machine or press. Fully assembled, the valve offers no loose parts to assemble together – the sleeve, plunger, spring and orifice are pressed together as one unit.

Cartridge Valves are tested for quality and durability. Available with all 204 and 304 coils, the valves are offered normally closed or open with a sleeve port size of 1/8∙. The valves’ orifice sizes range from 3/64∙ through 5/32∙.

Parker Hannifin
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 412

Renewable energy sealing system

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions developed a sealing configuration jointly with AVN Energy A/S. This unique configuration is engineered to enhance lubrication and optimize friction characteristics, at the same time preventing any external leakage to meet the requirements of continuous pitch systems.

The specified solution is an arrangement of seals ranging from O-rings to specialized PTFE-based geometries. The actuator operates in constant movement requiring dynamic criteria from the equipment’s components.

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The seals within these hydraulic actuators are integral to the total system. Seals must operate at 3,625 psi/ 250 bars with constant pressure on the rod from behind and differential side loads that control positioning. Wear has to be minimized, and dynamic movement that is continuous in short strokes needs to be facilitated. Temperature resistance is required down to -22 F/ -30 C as standard and to -40 F/ -40 C in the Arctic, with maximum temperature capability of +140 F/+60 C.

The hydraulics are designed for easy exchange of the seal set, which is mounted in a module that can be quickly bolted on and off.

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 413

Boiler coating

NanoSteel Co. announces the commercial availability of a new Super Hard Steel alloy, SHS 8000, for coating solutions in the power generation industry for pressure parts. SHS 8000 is a cored wire solution for twin wire arc thermal spraying designed for elevated temperature environments of pulverized coal and fluidized bed boilers. SHS 8000 features an ultra-refined crystalline microstructure, a high hardness/toughness combination and high bond strength without the necessity of a bond coat.

NanoSteel Co.
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 414

Output sensors

The IMI Sensors division of PCB Piezotronics has released Series EX64xB7x, a line of loop-powered 4-20 mA output sensors with a 1-inch NPT, 90 degree capped elbow conduit, to meet ATEX and CSA approval requirements for use in hazardous areas. Sensors operate from standard 24V loop power, making them directly compatible with existing PLCs, SCADA, DCS and Plant Information (PI) systems, for continuous vibration monitoring of overall vibration levels on critical machinery in hazardous area application environments.

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Sensors are available with either acceleration or velocity outputs and in various amplitude ranges. Outputs of peak or RMS vibration can be selected, as well as optional temperature or raw vibration outputs. The raw vibration output provides a buffered signal that can be used with vibration data collectors to perform detailed diagnostic analysis when a problem is detected.

PCB Piezotronics
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 415

Electric chain hoist

Harrington Hoists Inc. announces the addition of many enhanced features to the company’s NER/ER three-phase electric chain hoist line. These hoists are now equipped with “The Guardian” Smart Brake Technology, a failsafe brake with a 10-year warranty. All standard models are UL listed. Capacities from 1/8 ton to 20 ton are offered in standard single speed and under-the-cover variable frequency drive dual speed. The current draw required for operation has been reduced while maintaining horsepower. New motor, brake and inverter components lower noise levels. All models have a 3-year warranty.

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Enhanced features also include low-headroom upper and lower limit switches, heavy-duty contactors, super-strength, nickel-plated load chain and 5- or 6-pocket load sheaves. Count hour meters, which record lowering starts and hoist on time, are standard on both the NER and ER models for preventive maintenance.

Harrington Hoists Inc.
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 416

Noise attenuation application guide

Flowserve Corp. has released a publication that provides solutions to resolve noise issues in gaseous equipment.

Flowserve Gaseous Noise Control is a comprehensive guide to available noise-attenuation technology. The publication provides an in-depth analysis of common noise problems, helps customers choose the effective solutions, and includes explanatory diagrams and product-comparison charts.

Flowserve Corp.
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 417

Natural gas generator set

Caterpillar Inc. announces the introduction of a new G3516C 50 Hz high-efficiency natural gas generator set available now with optional air and fuel system controls specifically designed for island mode applications.

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The G3516C 50 Hz generator set equipped with the island mode control system generates power independently from the power grid with a high-efficiency, natural gas-fueled engine for commercial and institutional customers who require exceptionally reliable, high-quality electric power.

The Cat G3516C generator set operates at 50 Hz/1,500 rpm with a continuous rating of 1,944 kVA (1,555 ekW). It has a standard NOX emissions rating of 500mg/NM3 at 50 Hz, with performance of 250mg/NM3 at 50 Hz available through a 54 C separate circuit aftercooler (SCAC) system that can be used with a conventional cooling system arrangement in almost all geographic locations. The G3516C is built on a heavy-duty, diesel-based, bottom-end platform with a top-end design for gas application optimization. It also features an open combustion chamber design capable of operating at pressures as low as 1.5 psi (10.3 kPa).

Caterpillar Inc.
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 418

Ash collection software

Neundorfer Inc. is releasing SmartAsh 7.0 software, an updated version of its hopper evacuation optimization system for electrostatic precipitators and baghouses in the power generation and product recovery industries. Based on proprietary Neundorfer algorithms, the SmartAsh software is designed to optimize ash collection system performance.

The SmartAsh system is an integrated alternative to individual hopper-level sensors and traditional ash-handling system components. With the SmartAsh technology, users have a customized view, specific to their plant equipment, of what’s going on inside the hoppers, whether for a vacuum or pressurized system. The SmartAsh software connects with a programmable logic controller (PLC) or a distributed control system (DCS) to dynamically monitor, diagnose and optimize ash collection performance, providing complete ash evacuation system control integration.

The new SmartAsh 7.0 system also offers enhanced screens for clearer information interpretation, more intuitive navigation for faster data collection and analysis and structural updates for faster operation.

Neundorfer Inc.
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 419

Large-diameter radial shaft seals

SKF large-diameter radial shaft seals for heavy-duty rotating machinery create barriers to retain lubricant and protect bearings from harsh contaminants and resulting potential damage. These seals, with diameters larger than 8 in. (203mm), can operate in a wide range of speed, temperature and environmental conditions to meet the most demanding and extreme application requirements.

Large-diameter seals are offered in a variety of designs, configurations and materials to accommodate heavy-duty equipment used in the metals, wind energy, construction, mining and pulp and paper industries, among others.

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Types in this extensive product line include HDS metal-clad seals in several standard styles featuring a single sealing element and nitrile lip; high-performance HDL metal clad oil seals for especially severe conditions exhibiting high speeds and temperatures; and highly advanced EP-2000 metal clad grease seals providing aggressive contaminant exclusion by pumping contaminants away from the seal’s springless lip.

All-rubber seal types include metal-inserted SBF versions eliminating the need for a cover plate and fabric-reinforced HSF seals designed as solid round or with an open joint or split.

Custom versions of all large-diameter seals can be developed to meet application needs.

Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 420

In-line ultrasonic flow meter

Sierra’s new Innova-Sonic In-Line provides an alternative to liquid Mag-Meter applications. The Innova-Sonic In-Line has a +/- 0.5 percent reading accuracy and has the ability to measure down to zero flow in clean liquids regardless of conductivity.

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The Innova-Sonic In-Line with PicoFly allows ultrasonic transit time-of-flight to be measured in picoseconds 10 -12 (one trillionth of a second). Innova-Sonic offers low power consumption, digital signal processing with advanced noise filtering capability. The Innova-Sonic In-line features an accuracy of +/-0.5 percent of reading and repeatability of +/- 0.07 percent of reading, a wide operating temperature range of -40 degrees F to +176 degrees F (-40 C to 80 C) and a bi-directional flow range of 0 to 23 fps liquids (0-7 mps).

Innova-Sonic In-Line meter is tolerant of liquids with the small amount of air bubbles or suspended solids commonly found in most industrial flow applications.

Sierra’s Innova-Sonic In-Line is designed using SLSI technology (Super Large Scale Integration), allowing 10 times the component population compared to the typical integrated circuit. The in-line spool piece design features a carbon steel flow body available with both ANSI and DN 16 flanges. The Innova-Sonic In-line includes a 16-character by 2-line backlit display.

Sierra Instruments Inc.
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 421

Process control diagnostic system

Lenox Instrument Co’s. Portable FireSight Diagnostic System provides a real-time color video monitoring and digital recording of combustion and process control in boilers, furnaces, kilns and incinerators. With this mobile system, operators can use one unit for diagnostics, testing, monitoring and recording of several individual boiler or furnace functions operating at any level and using any available 1-5/8 in (41.3 mm) opening.

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The FireSight Diagnostic System is self-contained, consisting of an air filtration and power system and 8-inch CCD color monitor packaged in a durable case with telescoping handle and wheels. The system’s air-cooled FireSight furnace lens assembly is available with either a 24-inch or 36-inch lens, in either direct or right-angle view configurations. A mini-digital video recorder with an LCD screen is an available option.

The FireSight Diagnostic System is capable of operating trouble-free in temperatures up to 3,000 F (1,649 C) and is ideal for use in power plants, steel mills, paper mills, glass plants, cement kilns and incinerators. FireSight Diagnostic Systems provide high color image clarity and are used to speed light off, evaluate flame intensity and patterns, determine the status of igniters, view flame impingement, NOX emissions, CO and O2 imbalance, high unburned carbon (LOI), eyebrows, slag, clinker and ash build-up.

Each FireSight Diagnostic system is designed, manufactured and serviced in-house by Lenox Instrument Co., and is backed by a two-year warranty.

Lenox Instrument Co.
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 422

Explosion-proof light

Papailias Inc. is offering an aesthetically pleasing, explosion-proof light. Featuring die-cast anodized aluminum parts, the Series SLEX-100 and REX-100 are compact, explosion-proof lights that provide lighting and viewing through a single port. UL-844 and C-UL/CSA C22.2 No 137 listed, these electric lighting fixtures may be used in hazardous (classified) locations. Both models use high intensity halogen lamps to provide bright, glare-free illumination of the interior of vessels, tanks, hoppers, silos, mixers and other normally closed containers in hazardous locations requiring explosion-proof equipment. The illumination port used in conjunction with a standard sightglass offers users many options, including use of a video or TV camera on the free sightglass while the illumination port provides the necessary lighting.

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The fixtures can be mounted on existing pressure vessel installations by means of brackets provided. The corrosion resistant fixtures include die-cast anodized aluminum parts that enhance the appearance of the unit. Castings have heavy walls to withstand internal explosions. These lights are also designed to contain and extinguish the flames of burning gases before they ignite the surrounding atmosphere. All metal joints are either threaded or ground. The glass lens is finely ground borosilicate glass that mates with the precisely machined seat in the body of the fixture to form the seal.

Papailias Inc.
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 423

Ultrasonic gas leak detection

Gassonic’s ultrasonic gas leak detection offers protection that reduces the risk of gas leak and fire ignition hazards. When combined with General Monitors’ gas and flame detection solutions, ultrasonic technology enhances hydrogen detection efficiency.

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Ultrasonic technology detects the ultrasonic noise generated by the escaping gas at a distance from the leak source. It detects the gas at leak initiation regardless of ventilation rate, gas dilution, or the direction of the leak –and without the gas having to make physical contact with a sensor element.

The detector has a detection radius for hydrogen up to 8 meters at a leak rate of 0.01 kg/s. In addition, the Gassonic Observer features the Senssonic integrated acoustic self-test, which periodically verifies the integrity of the electronic circuitry and operation of the acoustic sensor. The detectors are SIL suitability rated and hold relevant C-UL and ATEX certifications.

Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 424

Feeder protection relay

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Inc. (SEL) announces the availability of the SEL-751A feeder protection relay. With its compact size and panel-mount design, the SEL-751A is the right fit for switchgear applications and electro-mechanical retrofit. Flexible protection options, combined with advanced automation and communications features, make the SEL-751A ideal for industrial and utility applications.

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Reduce engineering effort by quickly integrating the SEL-751A into existing communications networks. Ethernet and serial communications, including IEC 61850, MIRRORED BITS, Modbus and other protocols, offer many options. Customize integration and automation functions with SELOGIC control equations, using analog and digital quantities.

Arc-flash hazards seriously threaten personnel and equipment. The SEL-751A reduces arc-flash hazards by limiting available energy by coordinating feeder protection with motor and bus protection, using powerful logic and communications capabilities;

Automatically switch to instantaneous settings while performing maintenance for faster clearing times and less available arc-flash energy; and remotely accessing event data and other relay features with built-in communications to stay outside the danger zone.

Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 425

HVS connector system

An HVS (High Variable System) connector system with color-coded backshells and eight standard colors and custom colors is now available from Tyco Electronics.

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The HVS connector system offers a choice of more than 25 different connector modules that can be quickly and easily mounted or dismounted in a solid metal frame without tooling. Up to six single or three double modules can be used in the frame. The system is designed to accommodate power, control and SCADA needs in wind power applications.

Tyco Electronics Ltd.
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 426

Self-validating particulate sensor

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The FilterSense continuous particulate emission monitor and filter leak detector incorporates automatic zero and span for self-validation for EPA, ISO and Pharmaceutical compliance checks. The self-validating features combined with the company’s induction-sensing and protected-probe technologies are said to provide enhanced reliability and lower instrument maintenance costs over older opacity and triboelectic technologies, particularly in difficult applications such as pharmaceutical spray dryers, cement, carbon black, lead smelters, chemical plants, steel and coal burning power plants. Benefits include EPA compliance, eliminating cleanup costs, preventing the escape of valuable powders and protecting downstream equipment such as blowers and HEPA filters.

Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 427

CoolPoint literature

Universal Flow Monitors Inc. has released literature describing its CoolPoint vortex shedding flowmeters for processing cooling water, water/glycol coolant and low-viscosity fluids.

CoolPoint flowmeters are now presented in a series of specification sheets with revised model codes that make it easier for customers to identify and order the best product for their application.

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Universal Flow Monitors has replaced its brochure covering the entire CoolPoint line with spec sheets for each of the product’s three size ranges: small (1/4 inch and 1/2 inch pipe sizes), medium (3/4 inch, 1 inch, 1 1/2 inch and 2 inch pipe sizes) and large (3 inch and 4 inch pipe sizes). Each spec sheet includes the product capabilities, electrical and material features, instrument specifications, user-configurable options and any special options pertaining to a particular size range. The revised model code system simplifies ordering of units with required basic features plus options.

Universal Flow Monitors Inc.
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 428

Portable boiler thermometer

Infra-View portable wireless boiler (FEGT) thermometer is a battery-operated wireless infrared thermometer that uses a spread spectrum transmitter to send a 4 – 20 mA (250 degrees F to 3,000 degrees F) signal to a frequency-synced receiver. The down-linked data can be viewed in real time or data-logged into a USB compatible device for export to an Excel spreadsheet.

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Infra-View portable wireless boiler (FEGT) thermometer features include wireless frequency hopping spread spectrum transmission, a 900 MHz Range: 1 Km/ 5/8 mi., an Infra-View “non-contact” infrared FEGT thermometer, a USB Data logger, storage up to 32,000 readings and graphing to Excel.

JNT Technical Services Inc.
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 429

Gas flowmeter

KROHNE Inc. presents its OPTISONIC V6, part of a new generation of ultrasonic gas flowmeters for non-custody transfer applications.

Designed with six measurement chords, two of which are exclusively reserved for diagnostic functions, the OPTISONIC V6 possesses self-monitoring capabilities once set in operation. With chords positioned on the parallel levels of the OPTISONIC V6, any turbulence is mitigated, guaranteeing extremely reliable measurement, even in hazardous flow conditions.

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The OPTISONIC V6 contains separate signal outputs that transmit diagnostic data directly to both the user and the KROHNE Care Web Server. With its “condition-based maintenance” design, the web system is intended to perform system maintenance when required and immediately alert users when process intervention is necessary. KROHNE’s web service also provides users with any information regarding the OPTISONIC V6 and its applications, and features a user-friendly graphic interface. The OPTISONIC V6 is available in standards widths, from DN100 to DN600, with an installation length of 3D. Compatible with most commercial protocols, the OPTISONC V6 may be used with most existing infrastructure types.

Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 430

Stainless steel enclosures

With the introduction of its stainless steel explosion-proof enclosure line, the new Cubex enclosure enables STAHL to provide a solution for corrosive environments in hazardous Class I, Division 1, or Zone 1 locations.

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Available in 8 sizes, the Cubex enclosures are UL Listed for Class I, Division 1 Groups B, C, & D, Class II, E, F, & G, Class III, as well as IEC Class I, Zone 1, Groups IIA, IIB & IIB + H2. They provide NEMA 3, 4, 4X, 7, & 9 protections.

Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 431

Electronic metering pumps brochure

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Neptune Chemical Pump Co. Inc. has published a 10-page brochure on the full line of Tacmina PZ Series electronic metering pumps. The full-color literature details the PZ line’s powerful control options and its wide range of sizes and pressures (from 1 to 1300 ml/min at pressures up to 220 psi). The PZ-07 brochure allows users to select the ideal pump for their application based on capacity/pressure/viscosity tables.

Neptune Chemical Pump Co. Inc.
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 432

Safety professional’s handbook

After eight years in the making involving more than 250 occupational safety, health and environmental professionals and incorporating information from more than 900 member survey responses, the American Society of Safety Engineers’ (ASSE) new two-volume comprehensive “The Safety Professionals Handbook” has been released.

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The contributing authors—practitioners, researchers and academics—each average roughly 20 years of experience in the field. All chapters were peer-reviewed. Including the authors and reviewers, close to 1,000 people volunteered their time on this book.

The Handbook features 79 chapters on such topics as management of safety engineering work, risk assessment, hazard control, physical hazards from an industrial hygienist perspective, fire dynamics, ergonomics, personal protection equipment (PPE) and cost analysis and budgeting. The Handbook is comprised of two volumes, “Management Applications” and “Technical Applications.”

American Society of Safety Engineers
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 433

Lathe and spindle alignment tool

Pinpoint Laser Systems has introduced a new measuring and alignment system for lathes, turning equipment, spindles and related machinery. This Spindle Alignment Tool may be used right on the factory floor. Applications include aligning lathes and turning centers, adjusting boring mills, aligning drive shafts, adjusting barfeeders and many other industrial applications. This newest Microgage system provides information on runout, centerline offset, parallelism, concentricity and other useful parameter.

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This lathe and spindle alignment system has a round laser that is secured into a chuck or attached to the end of a shaft or spindle. A dual-axis receiver is placed on the tailstock, tool holder or another piece of equipment that can receive the laser beam. As the laser and the receiver move relative to each other, the digital display provides a precise reading of the alignment and machine’s characteristics. This new Microgage Spindle Alignment tool can measure to a precision of 0.0001 inch or better and the laser allows for alignments over distances as great as 150 feet. The recent introduction of Pinpoint’s newest Microgage 2D brings added precision, screen instructions and new optical and digital technology to the alignment of spindles and lathes.

The kit operates on batteries and all components are machined of solid anodized aluminum or stainless steel for wear resistance. A serial and USB interface connect to a laptop or PC and link to popular spreadsheets for plotting and analyzing data for maintenance records, customer compliance and other uses. This Microgage system includes a compact carrying case to store the components.

Pinpoint Laser Systems Inc.
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 434

Process alarm and notification software

Exele TopView process alarm software recently added new reporting and deadband features. TopView software constantly monitors process measurements from instruments and devices throughout a plant and automatically sends alarm messages to designated personnel via cell phones, e-mail, pagers, PCs and other smart devices when a problem is detected.

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New features include the availability of summary reports of alarms and conditions that occurred during user-designated time periods; alarm limit deadbands to provide alarm hysteresis; and the ability to assign alarm priorities to each monitored measurement point.

TopView software works where SCADA, PLC, OPC and historians are established. Users can create custom messages for each alarm condition, so personnel can receive a detailed description of the problem as well as its exact location. Remote access and acknowledge communication is supported through dial-in phone, PC and Windows Mobile devices, so personnel can interrogate the status of a specific measurement at any time from any location. In addition to providing alarms on current process values, it can send alarms based on calculations and operations.

Exele Information Systems Inc.
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 435

UV flame detector

With a highly responsive ultraviolet (UV) flame sensor and advanced signal processing, the new high-temperature FL3111HT UV Flame Detector from General Monitors operates in temperatures up to 125 degrees C (257 F), which makes it suitable for use in demanding process and plant environments. To achieve the FL3111HT’s high temperature rating, the instrument features a uniquely designed UV flame detector and electronic components that operate with very low power consumption to reduce detector self-heating.

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The highly responsive FL3111HT senses flames only in the UV spectral range, which allows it to recognize a flame within 100 milliseconds. For superior reliability, the FL3111HT’s design features continuous optical path monitoring (COPM). The FL3111HT’s COPM circuitry self-checks the optical path integrity and electronics once every minute to ensure proper operation. This self-diagnostic feature helps ensure the FL3111HT’s sensor window is clean and ready to monitor potential flame conditions.

The FL3111HT is designed for use in a wide range of applications including electric power generation, gas turbines and generator sets.

The FL3111HT’s electronics are integral within its stainless steel explosion-proof housing, allowing detector information to be processed at the point of detection. The electronics are fully separated from the Exe wire compartment, offering protection during installation and service. The FL3111HT has a 4-20 mA stepped output.

The FL3111HT is compatible with the General Monitors 02A-series cards, which allows it to be integrated within a complete gas and flame safety monitoring system. The detector has ATEX approval and the CE Marking.

General Monitors
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 436

Dew point analyzer

Michell Instruments Inc. announces the launch of their new S8000 Integrale Chilled Mirror Dew Point Analyzer. The S8000 Integrale replaces the S4000 Integrale. The S8000 Integrale has a completely new design, from the optics to the housing. It offers a wider measurement range, improvements in the response speed, a frost assurance system, easy mirror cleaning, intuitive menu system and a multiple language display among other innovations.

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The S8000 Integrale requires no external utilities to achieve a -85 F/-65 C dew point even with an ambient temperature of 104 F/40 C. The Frost Assurance System Technology (FAST) forces the moisture to form frost below the freezing point of water. A mirror microscope allows operator verification of the state of the condensate. The sensor head swings away for access to the mirror.

The S8000 Integrale also offers an intuitive menu system, multiple language display and a choice of distinctive housings for precision dew point and humidity measurement or as an in-house reference standard.

Michell Instruments Inc.
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 437

Wireless transmitter

The DR9011 wireless transmitter provides analog and contact closure data transmission to a companion DR9021 where the data is recovered. The analog data is recovered as two 4-20mA outputs and the switch data is provided by optically isolated NPN transistors outputs.

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The analog inputs available are dual channel DC voltage or currents, single channel RTD or strain gauge bridge inputs. The bridge version provides 10VDC precision excitation for up to four 330 ohm bridges. For the single channel inputs, the two 4-20mA outputs are both proportional to the single input.

The DR9011/DR9021 point-to-point system has a choice of three radio frequencies, two in the 915MHz ISM band and one in the 2.4GHz band. All use spread spectrum frequency hopping technology. Each RF module has a choice of seven Hop sequences. This allows up to 21 systems to operate in the same locale without interfering with each other. With proper antennas and installation, the 915MHz units can function reliably over a 20-mile range.

Wilkerson Instrument Co. Inc.
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 438

Small motor dynamometer system

This system features a high performance in-line rotating torque sensor and a computer-controlled low torque/high speed hysteresis brake allowing for precise torque control. This system is specifically designed to interface with motor controllers and allows manufacturers to test small capacity electric motors under 100 in-lbs/12Nm. Manufacturers can interface with various controllers and exercise them under various braking conditions.

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The test stand can be adapted for various motor interfaces such as AC and DC motors, actuators and steppers motors.

Sensor Developments Inc.
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 439


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Alresist high density alumina ceramic tiles and cylinders from Abresist Corp. provide abrasion and impact wear protection for applications, including the pneumatic transfer of ash, sand and other materials in sludge incinerators. Alresist Rated 9 on the Mohs hardness scale and is available in tiles as thin as 1mm. All Alresist materials are pre-engineered and individually designed to solve specific abrasion, impact and corrosion problems.

Abresist Corp.
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 440

Vertical shaft impactor

Stedman’s new V-Slam Model VS-88 Vertical Shaft Impactor features innovative housing and rotor designs, easy access low profile split swing lid, higher operating speed for finer grinding and capacities up to 500 TPH. An optimal hydraulic drive system offers numerous advantages, including variable mill speeds.

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The V-Slam has a size reduction ratio up to 15:1 with speeds up to 12,500 feet per minute and a capacity range from 5 to 500 tons per hour. Typical industrial applications include minerals and ores, slag, bottom boiler ash, flux, alloys, glass, chemicals, magnesite, corn, salt, coke, rendering of poultry, pet food and other animal feed supplements and bakery waste. The V-Slam is also equipped with an indexing feed tube and anvil ring and an automatic recirculating lubrication system.

Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 441

Availability and performance predictor

SmartSignal Plant Availability and Performance Solution (APS) is designed to predict, diagnose and prioritize equipment failures. It is also intended to manage the solution. The solution supplies each plant with readily understood and actionable diagnostic intelligence.

SmartSignal works with each plant to configure a solution to fit its unique combination of people, process and technology. SmartSignal’s flexibility makes it possible for a plant to deploy SmartSignal Plant APS and achieve measurable ROI.

SmartSignal advanced asset analytics develop unique operating profiles for critical equipment across known loads and ambient conditions. After linking to a plant’s data infrastructure, SmartSignal Plant APS analyzes the data and delivers an information-rich portfolio of reports and real-time notifications of impending problems that mesh closely with a plant’s O&M processes.

Through its Internet collaboration features, SmartSignal works with plant personnel until the problems are investigated and resolved. SmartSignal Plant APS provides the intelligence and guidance needed to predict, diagnose and prioritize developing failures.

SmartSignal Corp.
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 442

Leak detection dye

Spectronics Corp. has introduced OIL-GLO 40 oil-based, fluorescent leak detection dye that is formulated specifically for large industrial systems.

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This new dye pinpoints leaks in synthetic- or petroleum-based fluid systems, including light-colored hydraulic fluid, very dark or intensely blue hydraulic and lubrication fluids, compressor oil, engine oil and gearbox oil.

To use, add the dye to any oil-based system and allow it to circulate for 5 to 10 minutes. Wherever there is a leak, the dye escapes with the system oil and remains at the site of all leaks.

Scan the system with a Spectroline ultraviolet lamp and locate fluid leaks by their bright blue glow, which stands out from other leak detection dyes. OIL-GLO 40 can remain safely in the system for periodic re-checks—there’s no need to add more dye until the oil is changed.

Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 443

Cycle chemistry management tool

For control and prevention of chemistry upsets, monitoring, and training for operators, chemists and management; utility and industrial steam systems; fossil and nuclear, Jonas Inc. developed and field tested an “ChemExpert” for the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). EPRI ChemExpert was developed to assist plant operators and chemists in water/steam chemistry and corrosion control and problem diagnosis and to help with the operation of the plant with a minimum number of forced outages and at top efficiency. It is designed to quickly detect cycle chemistry related problems as they occur and to recommend corrective actions.

Its capability to simultaneously display the current cycle chemistry status of multiple units and its ability to be viewed remotely over a computer network make this program useful for operators and chemists, as well as plant and corporate managers. The water chemistry features are based on the philosophy and action and target levels of fossil plant cycle chemistry guidelines and experience.

Jonas Inc.
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 444

LED pilot light

Carlo Gavazzi released an innovative new dual color LED pilot light. With one pilot device, it is now possible to monitor whether a load is on or off, as the LED will be illuminated in either green or red. The dual color pilot light requires only one electrical panel cutout vs. two.

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The PL22STC Series is designed for 22mm (0.87”) through holes, and when it is powered on two of three terminals (2 and 0), the green LED illuminates, and when powered on two other terminals (1 and 0), the red LED illuminates. The LEDs are rated to last at least 100,000 hours and are ultra-bright, rated at ≥100cd/m2 (≥9.29ftc).

The dual color pilot lights are powered by one of five AC/DC voltages. They can be powered by 6, 12, 24, 48 or 110 volts AC/DC, or one of three AC or DC voltages: 220VAC, 220VDC or 380VAC. They are also housed in a durable IP65 housing, with operating temperatures of -25 to 70 degrees C (-13 to 158 F). They are also delivered with a mounting nut, along with a gasket.

The PL22STC Series are cULus listed, and carry the CE and RoHS marks.

Carlo Gavazzi
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 445

Zero leak check valve

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The Lee Company’s new 250 Zero Leak Chek is the latest addition to Lee’s line of miniature, zero leak check valves. Available in forward and reverse flow configurations, the new Lee Chek uses an elastomeric seat to achieve zero leakage. The remaining components are constructed entirely of stainless steel. This new valve flows over 62 SLPM (air) at 25 psid and has a diameter of 0.250”. Nominal weight is 3.8 grams. Maximum working pressure is 3,000 psid.

The Lee Co.
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 446

Mobile PC

Panasonic Computer Solutions Co. released the Panasonic Toughbook CF-U1 with the Intel Atom processor for use in the field. The Toughbook CF-U1 has several docking options that expand functionality whether in a vehicle, at a desk or on the move.

The Toughbook CF-U1 operates on the full-function Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems, giving users remote access to software applications in the field. The CF-U1 features a thumb-friendly backlit QWERTY keyboard. State-of-the-art Panasonic LCD technology enables sunlight viewability with low-power, white LED backlighting. Its fanless all-weather design helps reduce noise, weight and points of failure. Its twin hot-swappable batteries enable battery replacement without disrupting operation Its magnesium alloy chassis delivers protection from bumps and drops of up to 4 feet.

Panasonic Computer Solutions Co.
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 447

Signal conditioner

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The OM-19 load cell signal conditioner enables a weighing system to be controlled by a computer or PLC, eliminating the use of a digital display. Primarily used for strain gage sensors such as load cells, torque or pressure sensors, the OM-19 provides a voltage output of (±10 VDC or 0-10 VDC) and current output (4-20 mA), while supplying the needed excitation voltage to power up to four (350 ohm,4 or 6 wire) strain gauge load cells (350 ohm). Available in board only, DIN rail or industrial enclosure versions, it can be used in a wide range of applications and environments. All three versions are equipped with a shunt calibration feature. A solid-state relay output option with two setpoints (OM-19-2S) is also available.

Load Cell
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 448

Drop test

Data Physics released its latest addition to the SignalCalc analyzer platform: SignalCalc Drop Test. SignalCalc Drop Test provides a package for applications such as product fragility assessment, prototype testing and cushion evaluation. Working with drop and/or shock test machines, the application software is designed to provide users with the ability to capture and display drop waveforms, perform “fairing” and pass/fail testing relative to tolerances specified in accordance with industry, military or user-defined standards. The package offers unlimited display layouts, automated reporting and optional shock response spectrum (SRS) measurements.

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The base package contains the most essential Drop Test features including transient waveform capture, Standards-based or User-Defined tolerance limit checks, waveform fairing and velocity change calculations, manual movement of tolerance lines around a captured waveform and the calculations of resultant shock magnitudes for triaxial sensors. The advanced Drop Test option adds SRS analysis capabilities to the base package. The new application comes equipped with internal signal generators that allow the user to simulate actual drop tests with classical waveforms such as half sine, saw tooth and trapezoid.

Data Physics
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 449

Oil pumps

Unifin offers its line of transformer oil pumps, manufactured under the company’s Cardinal brand, designed to meet the requirements of transformer oil applications.

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Cardinal pumps are rated for continuous duty operating temperature ranges from –40 C (–40 F) to 100 C (212 F). Cardinal pumps also have other special features for transformer oil applications, such as the capability to permit thermo-siphon flow when the pump is not operating, allowing natural convection even when the pump is completely shut off.

Cardinal pumps offer split-casing design with class-30 cast iron used for the pump casting, motor enclosures, impellers and volutes. They also include large thrust-face sleeve bearings. Cardinal offers three bearing types: standard sleeve bearing, the Harley sleeve bearing by Cardinal and the Harley sleeve bearing with TecSonics bearing wear monitoring.

With no mechanical seals, repair and upkeep is reduced in utilizing two gasket seals on each pump. Cardinal pump design allows transformer oil flow-back through the motor and bearings, thereby providing cooling and lubrication.

The Cardinal Pumps division of Unifin manufactures hundreds of different pump configurations used in all of Unifin’s wide range of transformer oil coolers. The Cardinal Pumps division also manufactures a line of heavy-duty transformer oil valves ranging from 2” to 8”, including ANSI standard and OEM-specific flange configuration bolt hole patterns.

Unifin International
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 450

Sonic anemometer

Climatronics introduces a new, “high survivability” sonic anemometer designed specifically for ambient wind sensing in extremely harsh environments for wind turbine control.

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Only 5 inches in diameter and 7 inches in height for minimum turbulence in the measured air stream, the electronics in the wind turbine sonic anemometer utilize the latest solid state surface mount technology and conserves power with a consumption of less than .05W without heaters turned on. Its compact size, metal housing and heating design help the anemometer to be kept ice free. Climatronics’ wind turbine sonic anemometer is field-configurable through a software interface that is accessed through the sensor’s serial data port.

Climatronics Corp.
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 451

Level monitoring switch

The NuTec LS2000 level switch from Fluid Components International (FCI) is designed to provide level monitoring and interface control in process industries.

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The LS2000 level switch is designed for two-wire, 4 to 20 mA loop power that allows the LS2000 to serve as a drop-in replacement for other two-wire mechanical float and paddle switches without any wiring modifications during plant retrofit projects. The LS2000 is also available for 115/230 Vac or 24 Vdc input power and a 6A relay output.

The LS2000 level switch features a no-moving-parts thermal mass flow sensor constructed with either 304/305 stainless steel or with 316L all-welded stainless steel with wetted surfaces.

Compatible with clean media or dirty, slurry or foaming media, the LS2000 level switch operates with a precision thermal mass flow sensor. Its two platinum RTD sensors are mounted in sealed, miniature thermowells.

Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 452

Capabilities brochure

Position Sensor Solutions and a tutorial on LVDT Basics are outlined in Macro Sensors’ new 16-page color capabilities brochure that is available for download at the Macro Sensors website. Macro Sensors complete “Made in the USA” linear and rotary position sensor line is featured in the guide

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The brochure also outlines Macro Sensors’ capabilities to develop custom OEM designs that address military/aerospace specs, in-cylinder mounting, remote electronics and other specific requirements.

Macro Sensors
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 453

Gas detector

The OptoAcoustic Gas Detector GLD-OA-01 is a point-flammable gas detector, UL-certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres Class I Division 1. The OptoAcoustic detector is a self-contained gas sensor designed to provide continuous monitoring of combustible gas leaks in the concentration range of 0 percent to 100 percent of the Lower Explosion Limit (LEL). It can be used as a stand-alone, or as part of a larger facility protection system using other control equipment.

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The proprietary sensor technology is based on generating acoustic pressure waves as a result of gas irradiation with suitably modulated light. The OptoAcoustic Gas Sensor contains a light source, a measurement cell, a membrane, an optical bandpass filter, a microphone and an electrical circuit for operating the light source and evaluating the microphone output signal. The intensity-modulated light first passes through the optical bandpass filter whose spectral band corresponds to the absorption band of the target gas, and then illuminates the volume of the measurement cell. When the gas is in the vicinity of the sensor, the gas diffuses through the membrane into the measurement cell and there absorbs the light emitted.

The new installation and retrofit-applicable detector offers sequential redundancy with active sensing element ASE plus backup sensing element BSE, which takes over as soon as ASE fails. The switch from ASE to BSE does not require any user action.

The OptoAcoustic gas sensor is factory-calibrated and ready for immediate use; the sensor needs only to be wired. Embedded linearization algorithms enable users to maintain accurate output over the entire measurement range, and embedded compensation algorithms enable users to keep accurate measurement over changing temperature conditions (temperature compensation).

The OptoAcoustic Gas Sensor is available now for methane (natural gas) and hydrocarbons as well as for CO<sub>2</sub> for indoor and outdoor installations. OptoAcoustic Sensors for hydrogen sulfide (H2S), hydrogen chloride (HCl) and ammonia (NH3) are expected to be launched by mid-2009.

Carthago International Solutions Inc.
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 454

Steam traps

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W.E. Anderson TDST Series steam traps control steam and condensate movement to maximize removal of latent heat from steam for efficient system operation. The thermodynamic trap has cyclic on-off operation with a disk that is pushed open by incoming condensate and closes tightly when steam tries to escape. The compact design allows the steam trap to be mounted in any position and models available with an integral strainer remove the need for additional apparatus. When the trap is mounted vertically, it self-drains, making it freeze-resistant. The trap also handles water hammer, superheat, is resistant to internal and external corrosion and is easy to install. A hardened 316 SS disc is the only moving part in the trap. Audible discharge cycling helps in checking steam trap operation.

The TDST Series is available in four sizes: 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4”, and 1” female NPT. Each of these sizes is available with or without an integral strainer.

Dwyer Instruments Inc.
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 455

Machinery vibration and alignment services

The field services group of VibrAlign Inc. began offering predictive maintenance solutions services. PdM Solutions is based on a team concept. Plant personnel are trained and equipped to conduct regular vibration data collection, which is then analyzed by Predictive Maintenance Solutions’ analysts.

Predictive Maintenance Solutions Inc.
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 456

Safety eyewear

Gateway Safety is proud to introduce Wheelz safety eyewear. Part safety glasses and part safety goggle, Wheelz eyewear combines popular sport styling with the maximum splash and impact protection of a goggle. Plus, Wheelz eyewear has a compact, lightweight frame made of a soft, flexible material and an elastic head strap.

Wheelz eyewear is ideal for use in laboratories, doctors’ offices and light manufacturing and industrial applications. Wheelz is designed not to leave the “splash-goggle red ring” on the wearer’s face.

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Wheelz goggles feature the patented Whirlwind ventilation system, which helps minimize fogging by circulating air through the optical chamber. Ten conical air chambers line the frame’s brow area. Secondary air enters the goggle through ten additional ventilation ports on the frame’s underside, creating a strong “whirlwind” of air that circulates through the inner frame.

Wheelz are available in a variety of one-piece lens options: clear, clear anti-fog, gray, gray anti-fog, silver mirror, silver mirror anti-fog, blue mirror, blue mirror anti-fog and dark green 3.0 or 5.0 IR filter shades for light welding applications. A foam insert for added comfort and protection is also available on the frame with clear anti-fog and gray anti-fog options. Wheelz eyewear meets or exceeds the ANSI Z87.1+ standard and offers 99.9 percent UVA and UVB protection.

Gateway Safety Inc.
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 457

Multipurpose welder

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products announces the release of a new multipurpose welder, the MultiMaster 300X. MultiMaster 300X is a ready-to-weld package for Mig, DC Tig and stick electrode welding. Optimized for use with ESAB’s Dual Shield X series of flux cored wire, this machine is ideal for welders currently using stick welding who would like to use flux-cored wire.

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ESAB’s proprietary Super Switch technology on the Multimaster 300X features a high-speed solid-state power control. An output pre-set control with two digital meters allows quick set-up straight from a Dual Shield X series quick set-up card. Multimaster 300X offers DC welding output from 15 to 300 amps at 40 percent duty cycle.

Other features include fan on demand, a heavy-duty four drive roll stand with serrated Dual Shield X Series wires in .045” and .052” diameters, a 400-amp, 15-ft. gun set up for the same diameters, a convenient, large-capacity tool box, and an “easy-on” cylinder tray.

The package includes power source, built-in four-roll wire feeder, factory-installed undercarriage and cylinder rack, torch, contact tips, regulator/flowmeter, electrode holder and plug and all necessary hoses and cables.

ESAB Welding and Cutting Products
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 458

Piston & cylinder sets

Airpot announces its new line of adaptable piston and cylinder sets, which are constructed using a graphite piston/borosilicate glass cylinder combination in which each piston is selectively matched to fit the cylinder with extremely close clearances. They have low friction, responding to forces as low as only a few grams and pressures less than 0.2 psi. Starting and running friction are almost identical, preventing jerky, uncontrolled starts and providing uniform smoothness throughout the full stroke of the device. Airpot piston & cylinder sets are unaffected by extreme temperature variations, run clean and do not contaminate surrounding components. No seals are required, and there are no liquids to leak. Materials used are self-lubricating. They may be used as linear bearings, vacuum pickups, inertia sensors, portable piston pumps, spool valves, flow indicators, pressure sensors, dispensers, pneumatic calibration devices and Stirling Engine power pistons.

Airpot piston/cylinder sets exhibit very low mass, cycle life in the billions, no deterioration or change in performance due to age or non-use and respond to exceedingly low forces and pressures. They are capable of ultra-high speeds, have the ability to move linearly and rotationally simultaneously and use a see-through cylinder. The cylinders are available in bore sizes ranging from 0.220” to 1.75”, and lengths from the desired stroke plus 0.325” to the desired stroke plus 0.880”. All exhibit friction of less than 1 gram without side loads.

Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 459

Aviation lighting system

Flash Technology, a unit of SPX Corp., announced the availability of the FTB 360i LED L-864 type aviation obstruction lighting system available for the wind energy market.

Flash Technology developed the FTB 360i to produce a tightly focused light beam, status indicators to convey real-time operating information and an efficient, compact design.

The optics for the FTB 360i generate a true 3 degree beam of light. LEDs were chosen for this application because of superior energy savings. Flash Technology constructed the FTB 360i with no moving parts.

SPX Corp.
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 460

Motor flange torque sensor

Sensor Developments Inc. (SDI) announces the release of its motor flange torque sensor. This torque sensor is designed to measure the reaction forces exerted on the motor housing. SDI’s model 01302 is directly mounted to the motor’s flange face as the main interface between it and the torque load. It can be used with variable displacement motors, fluid meters, linear actuators and other drive motors to measure the output torque, in real time and at the source. This sensor is designed to reduce the potential of electrical noise due to bearings or slip-ring brushes and to allow for more extreme environmental exposures, such as those found at sea or at remote field sites.

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This sensor design can be adapted for a wide range of applications and motor face couplings including SAE type flanges.

Torque capacities can be designed to meet individual requirements and typically range from 100 in-lbs 10,000 in-lbs (11N-m to 1100Nm).

Sensor Developments Inc.
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 461

Air/water heat exchangers

Rittal Corporation is announcing the release of its new line of air/water heat exchangers. This cooling technology is ideal for use in a broad range of manufacturing applications, including those where harsh, aggressive environments such as hot steel or metal dust could damage control system electronics. Newly redesigned, these heat exchangers are to be integrated with a central chiller system or chilled water supply. There are no filters to change, condenser coils to clean or refrigerant to check or refill.

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Available in both wall-mounted and roof-mounted models, Rittal’s air/water heat exchangers are designed to work at ambient temperatures from +1 C to +70 C (34 F to 158 F). A closed system that circulates only “clean air” internal to the cabinet, this cooling technology is compliant with enclosure NEMA 12 rating, ensuring protection against dust and direct streams of water. These heat exchangers provide a wide cooling output range of 300 to 5,000 W for every application need. The wall-mounted version is up to 30 percent slimmer than previous models.

The air/water heat exchangers are available with either the standard Basic Controller or an optional Comfort Controller. The basic unit controls and monitors functions such as temperature control, leak detection and fault signal contact. The comfort controller also offers temperature display on the unit, a master-slave function, remote diagnosis and two fault-signal contacts.

Rittal Corp.
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 462

Pump controller

The Series QPC pump controller is designed to be used where four pumps are required to alternate to provide equal run time on each. Alternating loads allow for equal wear on all pumps. The Series QPC has five inputs allowing the four outputs to operate properly even if one of the inputs fails to open or close. Four LED indicators show the load that is energized by the SPST output contacts.

Click here to enlarge image

The QPC is available in two sequence configurations: sequence-on-simultaneous-off (SOSO) and first-on-first-off (FOFO). In either sequence, the lead load position is advanced to equalize run time on each pump. An inrush delay on both models helps reduce line sags by preventing multiple loads from energizing simultaneously.

Dwyer Instruments Inc.
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 463

High torque cable tie installation tool

Hayata of North America Ltd. has announced the introduction of the BT11000 QuickTie cable tie installation tool. The portable 5-pound BT11000 delivers 550 pounds of torque. The high torque provides uniform tension on all ties, allowing for consistent installation. The QuickTie also includes a new longer-lasting battery that can be fully recharged in 30 minutes. This battery also features a two-year warranty.

The BT11000 is able to work seamlessly with Hayata ties of all widths in a number of applications.

Hayata ties and installation tooling are used in a variety of industries, including offshore and marine construction, general and utility, automotive, petroleum and chemical, fire protection, communication, aerospace and nuclear power.

Hayata of North America Ltd.
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 464

Remote leak detector and imager

Gas Imaging Technology (GIT) introduces the Sherlock SF6 imaging spectrometer to its line of products. The Sherlock SF6 is designed to enable the user to “see” emissions of the greenhouse gas sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) leaking from circuit breakers and switchgear in power plants and electric utility substations. The Sherlock SF6 model has been laboratory tested to detect SF6 at leak rates below 1 mL/min or 7 lbs/year.

The Sherlock SF6, hand-held and battery-operated, contains an LCD display for immediate viewing of components and gas leaks, an infrared camera, a spectrometer for gas analysis and quantification, an embedded digital video clip recorder and an embedded computer allowing direct interface to any local area network via Ethernet. In addition, Sherlock can support the new DHS regulations put on chemical plants.

Gas Imaging Technology
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS# 465

Disposable respirator

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Provide nuisance level odor relief from organic vapors, acid gases and ozone as well as P95 protection from all particulates including oil-based aerosols. North Safety Products’ 8145P95 disposable filtering facepiece features latex free adjustable straps for a secure fit. The EZ Flow exhalation valve improves comfort and worker productivity and is color-coded for easy identification as an odor relief mask. A closed-cell foam face-to-facepiece seal provides maximum comfort and fit. The 8145P95’s curved nose clip provides a custom fit and reduces fogging of eyewear.

North Safety Products
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HART-enabled analyzer

Emerson Process Management announces two new versions of its Rosemount Analytical Model 1056 analyzer. The new Model 1056-HT and 1056-DP 4-wire, dual-input analyzers include complete HART and Profibus DP digital communications capability for full operations and maintenance advantages in plants using these digital protocols.

The HART-enabled analyzer allows remote calibration, continuous monitoring of four live-process variables and configuration from Emerson’s AMS Suite or DeltaV host applications, legacy DCS or SCADA systems. The full complement of diagnostics allows plants to estimate the life of in-process sensors and perform required maintenance on a timely basis.

The Model 1056 is a multiparameter instrument allowing single or dual inputs in any combination of pH/ORP/ISE, resistivity/conductivity, percent concentration, chlorine, oxygen, ozone, temperature, turbidity, pulse flow and 4-20mA current input. The instrument has a large display and intuitive menu screens with advanced diagnostics and help screens. Ease of installation is facilitated by modular boards, removable connectors, and easy-to-wire power, replays and analog outputs. Seven languages for user menus are included with every analyzer.

Emerson Process Management
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Rotary position sensors

Macro Sensors introduces a new series of contactless, fractional-turn, rotary position sensors that provide an absolute output proportional to shaft rotation over a total range of up 120 degrees. The RSE 1500 Series Rotary RVDT Position Sensors are designed to measure the angular displacement of rotating elements such as quarter-turn ball and butterfly valves, air flow dampers, mail sorters and diverter gates used in packaging and postal sorting machinery. Units are also useful for other limited rotation applications requiring high reliability such as pedal position sensing for mobile equipment such as lift trucks, stackers, golf carts and lawn tractors or throttle lever position sensing in boats, cranes and articulating-arm utility service vehicles.

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Although their shafts can rotate a full 360 degrees, the RSE 1500 Series Rotary RVDT Position Sensors measure shaft angle position over a nominal range of 120 degrees. Units can operate in 0 degrees to 30 degrees, 60 degrees, 90 degrees or 120 degrees rotation ranges. Contactless inductive technology enables these rotary position positions to offer high accuracy and repeatability. Units exhibit a linearity error of less than 0.10 percent of full range output while operating over temperatures from 0 degrees F to 185 F (-20 degrees C to 85 C).

The RSE 1500 Series Rotary RVDT Position Sensors utilize built-in electronics to offer a DC input/output configuration. Operating from a nominal 24V DC power supply, units supply a true 0-to-10V DC output. Units are enclosed in a 1-1/2 inch diameter anodized aluminum shell and have a 0.250” stainless steel shaft running in high performance ball bearings. The aluminum-mounting flange has a 0.750” diameter center pilot for locating centrally in a fixture. Units are also environmentally sealed to IEC IP-66.

Macro Sensors
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250W power supplies

Power Partners has introduced the PPR250 Series of power supplies, which deliver 250W of power, with 600W of peak power, in a 5” x 3.2” x 1.5” package. The Series is ideal for price-sensitive, size-sensitive, or low-profile applications in process control ndustries.

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Units operate from an autoranging input and provide tightly regulated single and dual outputs. Single output models range from 3.3VDC to 54VDC and are user-adjustable. Dual output models pair voltages from 3.3VDC through 48VDC and output #1 is user-adjustable.

Comprehensive protection circuitry is a standard feature, as is a power-good signal and remote on/off. The PPR250 has EMI compliance to FCC Part 15 and EN55022 Level B, worldwide safety certification to UL60950 and EN60950 standards, a MTBF of 100K hours, and is RoHS compliant.

The operating temperature is 0 C to 70 C, with derating above 50 C. An optional mechanical format, which includes a cover and fan assembly, is available.

Power Partners
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Crane fleet

Bigge Crane and Rigging is doubling the size of its crane fleet dedicated to erecting wind turbines and investing innovations in lifting technology designed to accelerate the construction of wind turbine parks.

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Crawler cranes up to 600-ton capacity are now being added to the wind power fleet, including the Terex-Demag CC 2200, (375 ton), CC 2400-1 (440 ton) and CC2500-1 (550 ton). These cranes are capable of erecting turbines on the big 105-meter masts and moving quickly from turbine to turbine, whether fully rigged or stripped down.

The new flagship of the fleet is the 600-ton Kobelco SL 6000. The SL 6000, designed for lifting 2.5 MW turbines on 105-meter masts, has an innovative design with rope drums in the base section so they do not need to be removed when stripping the crane down for transportation.

For ancillary lifting work, Bigge offers the Terex RT 1120 (120 ton capacity) and Link-Belt RTC 8090 (90 ton) models. Joining the fleet is the Link-Belt RTC 80130, rated at 130-ton capacity and with 162 feet of telescopic main boom and 55 feet of jib.

Bigge also offers full engineering design service, complete with Auto CAD drawings, for planning lifting and transportation operations.

Bigge Crane and Rigging
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Hearing conversation software

The Larson Davis division of PCB Piezotronics Inc. (PCB) has announced the availability of Bertrand-Johnson Acoustics CORTI hearing conversation software for audiometric trend analysis and Hearing Conservation Program (HCP) quality assurance, tools designed to help lower employee risk of noise-induced hearing loss.

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Integrating CORTI into an HCP provides needed data tools to help begin reducing risk of employee hearing loss. Beginning with an audiometric quality assurance analysis and report, existing data may be transferred into the CORTI package. With a minimum five years of known good data, an audiometric trend analysis can be executed, which establishes baseline program performance and serves as the launch point for continuous program improvements. The software not only manages employee exposure and audiometric records, it applies advanced analysis algorithms that generate key performance metrics for benchmarking and improving current program effectiveness, as well as prediction of future individual outcomes from occupational noise exposure.

All Larson Davis Spark series of personal noise dosimeters and the SoundTrack LxT sound level meter offer automatic calculation of noise dose and time-weighted average noise levels, as well as maximum and peak exposure levels, and may be used to provide the necessary worker noise exposure data points for CORTI. The Spark series offers an additional advantage of being able to use an optional fixed microphone, for easy conversion from personal dosimetry to area or task-based measurement techniques. CORTI software is available as either a HIPPA-compliant Internet-based service or an installed on-site application

Larson Davis
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Hydraulic power packs

HAWE Hydraulics employs a separate, easily identifiable module for each hydraulically controllable function of a wind turbine. These modules are part of a turnkey hydraulic power pack in a compact design. With the new design, HAWE Hydraulics employs a separate and easily identifiable module for each hydraulically controllable function of a wind turbine.

The HAWE design splits the hydraulic power pack into the pump-motor combination integrated in the tank, the connection block and the directly mounted functional modules. The connection block only determines the location and size of the ports. Each hydraulically controlled function is represented by an individual, labeled module mounted on it. In case of malfunction, the element in question can be detected and replaced separately by removing four bolts and without disturbing the hoses to the actuators. The design of the modules makes lifting equipment unnecessary. These modules can be custom designed for different wind turbine models, utilizing standard products.

Custom circuits can be designed with proportional valves for the pitch control to prevent the other turbine components from being stressed and increase the efficiency of the whole system. These valves are designed to provide control regardless of the load pressures, therefore providing smooth movements even during erratic environmental conditions. Accumulators are also used to handle these demanding response and control requirements. Another possibility is the use of proportional valves for the brake system, allowing the brake moment to be varied, which minimizes strain on the brake systems as well as on the rotor blades.

HAWE Hydraulics
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Chemical resistant lining

Sherwin-Williams Industrial and Marine Coatings has introduced ExpressCote HCR, a chemical-resistant glass flake-filled epoxy novolac lining. It is specifically designed to protect steel and concrete from chemicals and solvents at ambient and elevated temperatures for the petrochemical, waste water, power generation and marine markets.

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ExpressCote HCR offers a rapid return to service, allowing return to full service in as little as 24 hours and “walk-on” condition within five hours when applied at 77 degrees F/50 percent RH. This 100 percent solid epoxy has no volatile organic compounds, and offers one-coat protection up to 50 mils and edge retention exceeding 70 percent.

ExpressCote HCR makes it easy to avoid pinholes or holidays and to assure proper film thickness by utilizing Sherwin-Williams proven Opti-Check OAP technology. When the coating is inspected under an LED light, the pigment will fluoresce or glow. Pinholes, holidays and improper film thickness will either appear black in contrast to the fluorescing coating, or not as bright due to insufficient film thickness, allowing corrections to be made before a tank or pipeline is placed into or returned to service. Inspection can even take place during application, saving time and identifying areas needing repair.

Sherwin-Williams Industrial and Marine Coatings
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Torque wrench calibration system

This torque wrench calibration system allows operators to verify and calibrate their click-type or electronic display torque wrenches to ensure they are providing accurate torque settings. SDI’s 90229 consists of a set of interchangeable torque sensors supplied with ISO-17025 accredited calibration certificates, a bench mountable stand, and a plug-and-play display instrument.

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The sensors are available in various torque ranges, from 50 in-lbs to 3000 in-lbs (6Nm to 339Nm).

Sensor Developments Inc.
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Continuous particulate monitor

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The BAM 1020 monitor from Met One Instruments is designed to produce continuous, hourly results in real time. Elevated PM-2.5 events can be determined as they occur (instead of weeks after the fact), which will allow government officials to take timely mitigating action.

Met One Instruments Inc.
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Filter leak detector

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The FilterSense continuous particulate emission monitor and baghouse filter leak detector incorporates Automatic Self Checks (Zero and Span) to automate EPA MACT requirements for periodic instrument validation. Particulate Monitor also features Automatic Signal Diagnostics. Benefits include stack monitoring, detecting filter leaks for maintenance, eliminating cleanup costs, preventing the escape of valuable powders and protecting downstream equipment such as blowers and HEPA filters.

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Gasket brochure

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Garlock Sealing Technologies now offers a six-page brochure on its new Sage GYLON gaskets for severe chemical services. Supplied in discrete-cut form, this high-performance PTFE gasket provides superior load retention, permeability, sealability and resistance to a broad range of hazardous chemicals. Covered in the brochure are physical properties including temperature, pressure, sealability, creep relaxation, recovery, tensile strength, modulus of elasticity, specific gravity, dielectric strength and gas permeability. Also provided is compatibility with more than 500 different chemicals and test data including hot compression, HOBT2 test results and bolt torque values.

Garlock Sealing Technologies
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Thermal imager

Wahl Instruments Inc. announces the addition of a Hot Spot Finder to its line of Wahl Heat Spy Thermal Imaging Cameras. Designed for self-contained use, the camera is designed to find hot spots easily and quickly.

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This camera, encased in the same impact resistant housing as our HSI3000 Series, provides the user with a real-time thermal image for quick fault detection combined with a center spot, non-contact temperature measurement function. A trigger-activated laser pointer insures pinpoint identification of hot spots. Report writing software allows the user to easily insert multiple images, with data, taken during a site survey to produce an inspection report. The HSI1200 measures the temperature of all 256 pixels that are displayed on the camera.

This thermal camera weighs 1.54 lbs. and is designed for hand-held use. It also features a tripod mount for remote use. The HSI1200 Hot Spot finder is used as a detection and diagnostic tool for many industrial, commercial and domestic applications including electrical, mechanical, HVAC and refrigeration. The HSI1200 features a 16 x 16 pixel array, capable of displaying high-resolution, real time, thermal images on a bright 3.5” color LCD display with backlight. The user may select from among three color palettes: red-blue, green-blue or grayscale. It has a 20-degree x 20-degree field of view, and offers user-selectable image integration, emissivity values and reflected temperature. The HSI1200 imager is powered by a long-life LI-ion rechargeable battery that is field replaceable and rechargeable.

Standard accessories included with the HSI1200 Series are battery, AC adaptor, user manual and carrying case.

Wahl Instruments Inc.
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Surface coatings

International Paint LLC has introduced two new ultra-low VOC 100 g/l coatings formulated specifically for the new construction and industrial maintenance and repair markets.

International Paint’s Interthane 2100 polyurethane finish and Interseal 1100 surface tolerant epoxy meet the 100 g/l air emission standard as set forth by California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD).

Interthane 2100 is a durable, two-component, high solids polyurethane finish that provides gloss and color retention in a variety of new construction and industrial environments. The finish is available in a wide range of colors via the Chromascan remote color matching system, which allows specific site color requirements to be met rapidly and in low volumes when required.

Interseal 1100 is a two-component, high-build, anti-corrosive epoxy coating, capable of being applied as a single or multi-coat system over abrasive-blasted, hydro-blasted or mechanically prepared steel surfaces. Interseal 1100 has a high degree of tolerance for application onto damp surfaces and the primer does not require the use of specialized equipment for application.

International Paint
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Free-standing custom crane system

Konecranes Americas introduces the K-Trac line of free-standing custom cranes. K-Trac custom crane systems provide a lifting solution designed to customer specifications with lifting capacities up to 3 ton.

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The K-Trac crane system can be customized to accommodate design specifications that include runway and bridge length, post and hook height, and the location of electrical input. In addition, every K-Trac is modular, allowing for modification and reconfiguration in the field. The raised bridge end provides maximum lift in restricted spaces such as low ceilings and elevated obstructions.

The open-ended, free-standing post design does not require cross-bracing or sway-bracing for ceiling mounted units. Free-standing posts allow for easy installation, mobility, relocation and on-site changes. Short end-trucks allow for closer end approach, which ensures maximum coverage area for valuable floor space. K-Trac can accommodate spans of up to 45 feet of obstruction-free runway and bridge. Longer spans result in fewer support points along the runway.

Konecranes Americas
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Rolled steel motors

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WEG Electric Motors Corp. has developed a new family of 3-phase motors with rolled steel bodies and cast iron endbells for general industrial use. These new rolled steel motors are available in 12 standard sizes with ratings from 1 to 20HP for operation at 230 or 460 VAC mains.

WEG Electric Motors Corp.
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Electric chain hoist

The LoadMate Electric Chain Hoist by R&M Materials Handling Inc. is a compact, versatile and cost-effective electric chain hoist. With load capacities from 1/8 to 1 ton, a lifting height up to 262 feet, and a wide range of lifting speeds and power supplies, the LoadMate is designed for wind turbine applications.

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The LoadMate is a compact electric chain hoist that can be installed inside the wind turbine nacelle to assist with standard maintenance activities, including change-outs and repairs of generators, high-speed gears, yaw and pitch motors, etc.

The LoadMate is an ergonomic low-headroom hoist that allows for close trolley approaches. The LoadMate is constructed of a highly durable yet light-weight pressure-cast aluminum with epoxy paint for corrosion resistance and a ribbed design for better heat dissipation.

The lifting motor has 40 percent ED, IP55 protection and Class F Insulation with thermal protection. The hoists have low-voltage control for 115 volt or 48 volt, with a two-button pendant with emergency stop button and IP65 protection, and come standard with a wide range of lifting speeds, including 64 and 16 fpm, 96 and 24 fpm and 128 and 32 fpm. The LoadMate is also available in a wide range of power supplies, including 208, 230, 460, 575/3/60, or 380/3/50.

R&M Materials Handling
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Proximity sensor

Baumer Ltd. has expanded its existing line of non-contact AlphaProx inductive analog proximity sensors to include new models with linearized output for a range of industrial measuring applications. Designed to detect metallic objects at ranges up to 16 mm, Linearized AlphaProx Sensors can be used to detect changes in position, distance, thickness, weight or pressure.

Linearized AlphaProx Sensors feature a teach-in function that allows the user to adjust the usable measuring range and select the direction of the output slope. Offering a resolution of 10 microns, these compact sensors can switch between analog and digital output. The Linearized AlphaProx Sensors feature two outputs that can be programmed by teach-in. Output 1 is an analog output and Output 2 is a window output. The sensors’ rugged IP67-rated chromium steel housings withstand harsh conditions and exposure to contaminents such as water, oil, dirt, non-metallic particles, dust and fibers. Linearized AlphaProx Sensors withstand high shock and vibration and can be used in operating temperatures ranging from 10 degrees C to +70 degrees C.

Linearized AlphaProx Sensors may be used in a range of industrial applications including aerospace, automotive, energy generation, food/beverage processing, heavy equipment, medical, metalworking, packaging, printing and textile manufacturing, as well as steel and wood processing.

Baumer Ltd.
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Engineering software

GEOMATE Company released GrafiCalc 2009 software that enables users to simulate and solve a wide range of design and engineering challenges while making informed decisions.

GrafiCalc 2009 is a software application that combines the disciplines of sketching, calculations and optimization in a single application. With GrafiCalc 2009, users can associate geometry, dimensions and smart calculations in a single worksheet to capture the functional intents of an engineering challenge. Then, as parameters are changed, the entire worksheet is updated automatically to deliver instantaneous decision-support information and optimal solutions

GrafiCalc 2009 is a Vista-compatible Windows standard application that can be used on a minimal PC.

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Heat resistant coatings

A line of high performance, two-component silicone copolymer coatings for products exposed to harsh environments and extreme weather conditions is available from Dampney Company Inc.

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Dampney Thurmalox 8886 Series Heat Resistant Coatings provide long-term protection in weathering conditions and create a barrier against attack from glycol cooling agents and synthetic lubricants at temperatures up to 450 degrees F. Recommended for use on valves, castings, pumps, sumps, compressors, pipes, exhaust systems and related equipment, these durable two-component silicone copolymer coatings are available in clear, black and custom OEM colors.

Suitable for application by a variety of conventional and airless, HVLP, HTE or assisted airless spray equipment, Dampney Thurmalox 8886 Series Heat Resistant Coatings will adhere well to clean, smooth carbon-, stainless-, blasted-, phosphatized-, primed-steel and galvanized, copper, aluminum, substrates. It is not recommended for immersion in aromatic hydrocarbons.

Dampney Thurmalox 8886 Series Heat Resistant Coatings are offered in 1- and 5-gallon kits. Samples are provided upon request.

Dampney Company Inc.
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Corrosion prevention

Belzona Inc. announced two new power generation-focused products. Belzona 5831 (ST-Barrier) and Belzona 1831 (Super UW-Metal) were formulated to provide solutions primarily for prolonged prevention against corrosion under insulation.

Both Belzona 5831 (ST-Barrier) and Belzona 1831 (Super UW-Metal) are able to displace moisture and hydrocarbons from a substrate, thus freeing it for bonding. This allows both products to bond to substrates that cannot be dried or cleaned such as leaking transformer flanges.

Belzona Inc.
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