CB&I awarded nuclear power project contract

27 October 2008 — CB was awarded an engineering, procurement and construction contract, valued at more than $150 million, by Westinghouse Electric Co. to build two containment vessels for a southeastern U.S. utility consortium.

CB&I was awarded pre-planning and engineering of this project in March 2008. CB&I will be responsible for the engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction of the two containment vessels.

These are the first two containment vessels for Westinghouse’s USAP 1000 New Plant Initiatives. These vessels, which will each be more than 120 feet in diameter and over 215 feet high, will house the reactors for two new power plants, which each have electric generation capacity of approximately 1,100 MW.

Fabrication is expected to begin in 2009, with the first vessel scheduled for completion in 2014 and the second in 2015.

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