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SEPA issues challenge for solar power deployment

15 October 2008 — The Solar Electric Power Association issued a challenge to the U.S. electric utility and solar industries to work in collaboration to meet solar electric capacity growth forecasts.

SEPA is calling for utility ownership of solar power projects, increased utility management in solar markets, development of smart grid configurations and a modernization of electricity infrastructure.

Prior to the recent economic downturn, analysts were predicting that the country could see an increase in solar capacity of more than 30-fold between 2009 and 2016.
This is approximately three times the estimated amount of generation predicted to come on line as a result of existing renewable portfolio standards and policies in states with solar carve outs.

Long-term U.S. market stability-provided by the eight-year extension of the federal solar investment tax credit, removal of the $2,000 cap on residential systems, and new eligibility for electric utilities-sets has equipped the solar industry to meet these projections, according to SEPA.

The new solar electric capacity will come from a combination of large-scale power plants, including photovoltaics, concentrating solar thermal electric and distributed photovoltaic rooftop systems for both the residential and commercial sectors.