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GE Energy signs long-term South Korean gas turbine maintenance agreement

13 October 2008 – South Korean energy producer West Sea Power Company Limited has signed a 17-year contractual service agreement (CSA) with GE Energy as part of an effort to strengthen the reliability of its plant operations and improve long-term power output.

The CSA will focus on managing and implementing all gas turbine maintenance activities, from minor to major outages. The agreement also will incorporate new technology upgrades to deliver enhanced energy efficiency and power output.

The service agreement covers two of GE Energy’s gas turbines operating at the 92 MW power plant, located at the Daesan Industrial Complex, about 130 km south of Seoul.

Under a power purchase agreement, the plant supplies electrical power, steam and exhaust gas to Samsung Total Petrochemicals Limited.

An interesting feature of the West Sea Power facility is its use of industrial process gas from the host petrochemical facility to power the plant, rather than relying on external oil and gas sources.

One of the GE gas turbines at the site, a Frame 6 unit, operates continuously on high hydrogen fuel gas, while the second unit, a Frame 5P, uses a high methane gas.

West Sea Power is a key asset within the Macquarie Korea Opportunities Fund, which invests in South Korean infrastructure assets that have reliable cash flows and are strategically positioned in their target markets.